Panchajanyam Guest House Tirumala Online Booking Contact Number

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TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Board) has offered accomodation to pilgrims for the last 100 years. In the past, Tirumala was home to a number of private hotels. But over time, the TTD created a number of enormous structures to provide cottages, rooms, guest houses, and Yatri Sadans for pilgrims. The cost of lodging in Tirumala varies from 50 to 5000 rupees per day.

TTD now offers three categories for renting TTD cottages and Tirumala rooms online. Reservations made recently at Tirumala and at the TTD kalyana mandapam pilgrim service booths. 

Panchajanyam Guest House Tirumala Online Booking Contact Number

Tirumala Accommodation Reservation Terms & Conditions:

  • In the past, ttd would offer a room for 48 hours and then extend it for an additional 24 hours at the same price. However, Tirumala’s lodgings are now scarce due to the growing number of pilgrims visiting the site. 
  • Devotees are only allowed to book a room for 24 hours in order to ensure the best use of ttd cottages and guest houses.
  • There are now four check-in and check-out slots available every day, up from the previous two.
  • The accommodation website for Tirumala Tirupati has a booking gateway that can only be accessed with a verified login.
  • Rooms cannot be transferred to another visitor once allocated. The person who is checking in must be present while checking out.
  • At Tirumala, there were no accommodations for lone worshipers.

Accessible guest houses and cottages in Tirumala are listed below:

  • YatriSadan 
  • Srinivasam
  • Panchajanyam
  • RamBageecha 
  • Alwar Tank Apartments
  • cottages (TBC
  • Cottages (MBC)
  • Rest houses for Narayana Giri
  • Accommodation Varaha Swamy
  • Cottages in Garudadri Nagar
  • Inn in Seshadri Nagar
  • The guest house Nandakam

To make an online reservation at Panchajanyam Guest House in Tirumala, click here.

Tirumala’s Panchajanyam Guest House may be reached at 099652 52852.

The ttd board is responsible for maintaining each of the aforementioned cottages. 

The Tirumala’s Panchajanyam Guest House booking process:

  1. For online reservations of TTD rooms and lodgings at Tirumala website and log in.
  2. Under the Services menu, choose Accommodation. Choose between Tirumala and Tirupati at this time.
  3. You may then choose a date from the calendar below after making your selection. A performance is shown in red if it has already sold out, green if it is still available, and blue if it hasn’t yet been announced.
  4. Choose your preferred day, room type, cost, and check-in time now. Before proceeding, carefully read the terms and conditions.
  5. Before filling the pilgrim’s information, tick the T&C box. Depending on your circumstance, choose self-booking or another option.
  6. Include the pilgrim’s name, age, phone number, Aadhar UID, and information about any accompanying pilgrims if you are making a reservation on their behalf.
  7. Now, thoroughly review the data that was entered. Go to the billing page now. Use a credit card, debit card, or internet banking on the Payment page to make an online payment.
  8. A booking receipt will be generated by the TTD website after a successful transaction. For use at the Tirumala Online Reservation Check-In Counter Next to the CRO Office, download and print this form.

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