Pandava Dootha Perumal Temple History Pooja Opening Timings

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The Pallavas are credited with constructing the temple in the late eighth century. The Cholas and the Vijayanagar monarchs of the Middle Ages also made important contributions. There are Chola-related inscriptions on the temple’s walls. Inscriptions of Kulothunga Chola I, dating to his 39th year in power, are found on the temple’s south wall. Documents the merchant’s donation of two kalanjus and two manjadi to the pujari (temple priest), who in return was to provide two malis of curd every day.

Inscriptions at the shrine’s base on the western wall date back to the reign of Rajadhiraja Chola II (1166-78 CE), and they detail the donation of 32 cows to the temple so that its lights may be kept burning. The Hindu Religious and Endowment Board of the Government of Tamil Nadu is responsible for the upkeep and management of the temple.

Pandava Dootha Perumal Temple History Pooja Opening Timings

The legends surrounding the Pandava Dhootha Perumal Temple stretch back to the time of the Mahabharata, when Sri Krishna, in his capacity as an envoy, traveled to the court of the Kaurava king to broker peace between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. As the Kauravas attempted to humiliate and slay Sri Krishna, He appeared in His Viswaroopam (the glorious form). King Dhrutharastra, who was born without sight, was able to recognize the heavenly appearance.

The account was told by the Sage Vaisampayana, and King Janamejaya (Arjuna’s great-grandson) came to this spot to atone for his sins against Sri Krishna. Lord blessed Janamejaya here in his heavenly form (Viswaroopam). Padagam Temple, devoted to Sri Krishna. Both Rohini Devi’s wedding to Chandra (the Moon God) and her adoration of Lord Sri Krishna took place in this same spot.

The legend of Rohini Devi’s ongoing devotion to a shapeless Sri Krishna worship continues, it is believed. This priest of the temple is linked to yet another fascinating tale. After losing a 17-day dispute with Sri Ramanuja acharya, a distinguished scholar named Acharya Arulala Perumal Emperumanar (also called Yanjamurthy) traveled to Kanchi to become his pupil. This is the temple where the disciple and his family have begun serving Pandava Dhootha.

Pandava Dootha Perumal Temple History Pooja Opening Timings

  • The Pandava Dhootha Perumal Temple. Schedule Weekdays, 07:00 AM – 11:00 AM Weekends, 04:00 PM – 07:30 PM.
  • On Wednesdays, Saturdays, Rohini Star days, and Ashtami days, this temple is especially blessed.

Directions to The Pandava Dhootha Perumal temple.

  • The distance between the two cities is 108 kilometers (170 miles). You may catch the direct bus at the Tirupati Central bus station.
  • The temple is about 1.6 kilometers from the Kanchipuram bus depot.
  • the distance between the temple and the Kanchipuram train station is just 1.4 kilometers.

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History Of The Temple:

This is one of the three oldest temples in Kanchipuram, along with Ulagalantha Perumal Temple and Yathothkari Perumal Temple. The Pallavas of the 8th century CE are credited with initiating the construction of the temple, with help from the Cholas and Vijayanagara rulers of the Middle Ages. Two of the inscriptions on the temple’s walls are from the reign of Kulothunga Chola I (1070-1120 CE), while the third is from the reign of Rajadhiraja Chola (ca (1018-54 CE).

It is one of the three oldest Vishnu temples in Kanchipuram, along with Ulagalantha Perumal Temple and Yathothkari Perumal Temple. The Pallava dynasty is credited with the initial construction of the temple. The Cholas are mentioned in a series of inscriptions found in the temple. This document was written in the fifth year of Rajakesari Varaman alais Kulothunga Chola I’s reign as Chola ruler.

There are mentions of a flower garden the merchant donated to the temple and the property he bought in the nearby hamlet of Ovirukkai for the use of the gardeners. The price of the 2,000 kulis (tax-free) was 11 kalanjus, which is equivalent to the elegance of Madhuranthaka madai, and the assembly was unable to charge in repercussions any vellikasu, nirallai, silver, sorumattu, etc.

Timings for Poojas

Awake at 07:00 for Ushathkalam, 08:00 for Kalasanthi, 12:00 for Uchikalam, 06:00 for Sayarakshai, 07:00 for Irandamkalam, and 10:00 for Ardha Jamam. The Pandava Thoothar and Rukmini rituals consist of three parts: the alangaram (decoration), the neivethanam (food offering), and the deepa aradanai (waving of lights).

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