Araku Glass Train Vizag Cost Package Booking IRCTC Online

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The Glass Top / Vistadome coach is in use by Indian Railways in one of the most popular tourist destinations in southeastern India, namely Araku Valley on the Mountains of India’s Eastern Ghats — through Train With no. 58501 & 58502 VSKP-ARK-VSKP, allowing passengers on the Daily Train to actually appreciate the beautiful scenery of the Araku Lake area in Northern Andhra Pradesh.

Visakhapatnam, also known as “Vizag,” is also one of the ancient trade routes in Andhra Pradesh. Visits to Vizag and neighboring areas add a significant amount of value to the city’s cultural heritage.

 Araku Glass Train Vizag Cost Package Booking IRCTC Online

The services are well used by the general public and tourists, and it is frequently overcrowded (with a long waiting list) in the up direction, from Visakhapatnam to Aruku.

There is less occupancy in the downward direction. Traveling through Vistadome / Glass Top Coach from Aruku to Vizag is inconvenient primarily due to timing – it travels slower in the departure way and comes late in Visakhapatnam in the evening, so visitors who hail from nearby / remote areas of Visakhapatnam and prefer to return home in the evening find it inconvenient.

Because of this, Railways recently implemented a Special discount Inr 565/- for each head for the downward direction of ARK to VSKP through Train No. 58502 so rather than Inr 665/- (VSKP to ARK).

Indian Railways provides Vistadome / Glass Top coaches, for which tickets for Executive Class can be purchased via the IRCTC application or website (e-ticket) or at the Railway Registration Block / Passenger Reservation System-PRS.

Railways has not provided AP Tourism with any such facility for providing the glass coach of both the train, which is offered by Indian Railways.

 Araku Glass Train Vizag Cost Package Booking IRCTC

  • At the station in Visakhapatnam, you can catch a train that will take you to the Araku Valley.
  • When the clock reads 6:50 in the morning, the train will pull away from the station.
  • Train number 58501 and Train Name number VSKP KRDL Passengers are currently on their way to the Araku valley.
  • Journey The time commitment is equal to four hours.
  • By 10:50 in the morning, the train will arrive at Araku.
  • The ride begins when the passenger is picked up by the cab driver, who then transports them to various points of interest in the area.
  • The Padmapura Gardens, Chaparai, and the Tribal Museum are the three locations that guests will explore.
  • Along with the other amenities, lunch will be provided for you.
  • Getting into the taxi that will take us back to Vizag.
  • the Ananthagiri Coffee Plantations, the Galikonda Viewpoint, and the Borra Caves are some of the stops that may be made along the trail.
  • By nine o’clock at night, the cab will have arrived in Vizag (around)

The schedule is as follows: Train No. 58501 leaves Visakhapatnam at 06:50 and arrives in Araku at 10:45 each day, while Train No. 58502 departs from Araku at 15:40 and makes its way back to Visakhapatnam at 20:10 each day.

Cost Of IRCTC Vizag Araku Glass Train

  • Package Type and Price for the IRCTC Vizag Araku Glass Train Cost of the Adult Package Cost of the Child Package Number of Seats Available on a Daily Basis
  • The prices for Executive Class are Rs. 2467 and Rs. 2215, respectively.
  • 4 Sleeper Class Fare: Rs. 1664 Fare: Rs. 1412
  • 3 Second Sitting: Rs.1589 Rs.1337 Total: Rs.1589 Rs.1337
  • 10 Package Dates: We are open 24 hours a day. October through January and the second week of March through June are the ideal times to make the trip.

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