Temple Wedding Chennai Booking Procedure Contact Details

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A lot of people who go to South India start in Chennai. Although it lacks the Red Fort, Marine Drive, and Victoria Memorial which are hallmarks of other Indian cities, it is the country’s oldest continuously inhabited urban center. Chennai is home to a wide variety of religious sites, architectural marvels, natural wonders, and tourist destinations. It serves as the state capital of Tamil Nadu and is considered to be one of India’s four major urban centers.

The coastline, temples, textiles, monuments, Carnatic music, classical dances, and cuisine of this state are all well-known around the world. It’s a historic metropolis renowned for its art, commerce, and buildings. The British and the French left their stamp on Chennai throughout their colonial periods. It’s like stepping into a little version of Asia, full of fascinating people and customs.

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is characterized by its endless Marina coastlines, its lively T. Nagar streets, its tranquil ECR strolls, its shining classic retail complexes, its spicy hot street vendors, and its old spiritual abodes. Many things may be altered by modernization, but the spiritual hunger of the Tamil people will always remain. It may be verified by looking at the overflowing temples of Chennai. Temples to the various Hindu deities, such as Shiva, Vishnu, Sakthi, Murugan, Vinayaka, Guberar, Lakshmi, and dozens more, may be found in abundance around the capital city.

Temple Wedding Chennai Booking Procedure Contact Details

Information about how to plan a temple wedding in Chennai, including pricing and availability.

Costs associated with getting married are different at each Temple. Temples in Chennai only sanction planned Hindu weddings. At the moment, the number of visitors is not restricted in any way.

  • The minimum age for the bride is 18.
  • The groom must be at least 21.
  • The couple must both identify as Hindu.
  • The prospective groom, bride, or either of their parents may get a marriage registration form from the Temple office upon presentation of a photocopy of the prospective groom’s or bride’s Aadhar Card.
  • Documents are required for enrollment a Community certificate, an Unmarried certificate, a copy of a student’s mark sheet or transcript, and a copy of their Aadhar card.
  • The completed form may be submitted by the bride, the groom, or either set of parents.
  • The 90th and 30th days after the wedding are reserved for registration and enrollment, respectively.
  • Afterwards, a receipt will be sent with all the necessary information.
  • Payment at the time of registration is limited to the “Marriage Permission” fee alone.
  • Weddings between members of different faiths are forbidden in Temple
  • Only the tying of knots is permitted in the presence of the god (It changes with the COVID protocols)
  • Catering services and Mantap decorating are both offered at nearby marriage halls, which are conveniently located close to the shrine.

Contact Details: 04424836903, 04427446226

Popular Temples Wedding in Chennai

  1. Vadapalani Murugan Temple.
  2. Thiruporur Murugan Temple.
  3. Kundrathur Murugan Temple.
  4. Temple Teynampet Murugan.
  5. one of Lord Murugan’s six abodes is the Tiruttani Murugan Temple, located 80 kilometres from Chennai.

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Procedures for Filing Marriage Licenses Temple Wedding Chennai Booking Procedure Contact Details

  1. The marriage will be officially recorded on a receipt supplied by the temple.
  2. Only residents of Tamil Nadu may use the online marriage registration system.
  3. Card for Wedding Invites.
  4. Copies of the bride and groom’s Aadhar cards.
  5. Copies of the bride and groom’s parents’ Aadhar cards.
  6. Certificates of Achievement or a Photocopy of the TC for the Bride and Groom.

Legal guidelines for Temple Marriages

The institution of marriage is crucial to the functioning of society as a whole. Marriage did not exist among primitive man, but the necessity to establish paternity developed with the development of the notion of property and ownership. As a result, couples began settling down with one another and marriage became the social norm. Inheritance rights are only one example of many that have arisen in tandem with the institution of marriage.

The institution of marriage, as it now stands, serves as the basis for a wide range of legal protections, including the freedom to marry, the right to receive maintenance and inheritance, and many more. In the event that a marriage is declared null and void, neither party will be granted any rights that would have accrued during the marriage. Since a result, the question of what legal steps one must complete before being married in a temple arises, as the legitimacy of a marriage is of paramount significance.

  • One traditional path toward this marriage has been via a religious ceremony. If the conditions of the law are met, a marriage performed in a temple is just as lawful as any other. Getting married is a significant life event, and although most people are familiar with the process and many Hindu families carry out the appropriate rituals and ceremonies, it is important to be aware of any legal requirements that must be met prior to getting married in a temple.
  • This is because there has been an uptick in the number of “love weddings,” which has led to an increase in the number of “temple marriages.”
  • The difficulty arises not in the actual ceremony of marriage, but in its legal status if and when the marriage’s legitimacy is challenged.
  • Given that today’s youth often lack awareness of these prerequisites, addressing this issue is especially crucial.

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