Pitru Shanthi Pooja Rameshwaram Booking Procedure Benefits

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A ceremony known as Pitru Paksha Puja is performed in Hinduism in order to pay respect to loved ones who have passed away. Certain ceremonies, such as the Shradh ceremony, are performed during the Pitru paksha, which is a period of 16 days, in order to assist the souls of the departed in arriving at a place of peace.

Since the dead are unable to care for themselves, Hindu theology dictates that the living have a responsibility to give food to those who recently passed away. Family and friends of the person who passed away get together to do the Pitru Paksha puja on the anniversary of their demise.

Pitru Shanthi Pooja Rameshwaram Booking Procedure Benefits

Pitru Dosha will manifest itself in your horoscope beginning in the ninth house and moving all of the way up to the first house. Pitru Dosha is triggered when any of the four malefic planets—Rahu, Ketu, Shani, and Ravi—appear in the ninth house, or when these planets are located in the seventh house, which is perpendicular to the Pitru House.

In order to perform a puja at home, one will need the following samagri(Materials):

  • Stool made of wood (Aasan)
  • White sheets as a whole
  • In combination with barley, black sesame seeds
  • A picture of one of our ancestors taken by one of our family members.
  • Kush-type grass (also known as kush)
  • Unpasteurized milk from a cow
  • Copper or bronze implements

Pitru Pooja Procedure:

  • Once you are ready with all the arrangements to do the puja, the following are the steps you must take:
  • You want to aim the stool toward the direction of the south.
  • It should be wrapped in the white cloth.
  • There are traces of barley and sesame seeds can be found here.
  • Keep a photograph of a deceased ancestor or some kusha grass at that spot.
  • Folding your hands in this manner will call forth your ancestors.
  • Put some water in a container made of copper or bronze.
  • Put some cow’s milk, some sesame seeds, some rice, and some barley in there, and keep the tool in front of the image the whole time.
  • To prepare a batch of pinda, you will need some cooked rice, honey, milk, and Ganga Jal. Mix the two together and shape the mixture into a ball. Position it so that it is visible in front of the image of your ancestors by placing it on a leaf.
  • As part of the pinda daan ceremony, you are required to offer this rice ball to a cow.
  • This is how you may express gratitude to your ancestors and honor the lives they lived in a way that will last forever.

Pitru Shanthi Pooja Rameshwaram Booking Procedure Benefits

Pitru Dosha Symptoms:

  • There is no peace in the household.
  • Emergent expenses
  • High Rates of Abortion
  • Infertility or pregnancy delay
  • The Wedding Was Delayed
  • A poor professional track record
  • being unhealthy;
  • Tragic family death
  • Taking one’s own life or having a family member die in a tragic accident.
  • Relationship issues within the household
  • Dosha information is best obtained from an astrologer.

Auspicious Days for Pitru Pooja:

  • On a Solar Eclipse Day
  • Eclipse of the Moon Day
  • Sunday, the day of the new moon
  • Pitru Paksha lasts for 14 days.
  • Specifically, the Mahalaya Amavasya is recommended.
  • Date when the Sun first enters a certain Hindu astrological sign (Rasi).
  • Vaidhriti, or the 12 Days
  • Vyadipada’s 12-Day Period
  • Manvantara lasts for 14 days.
  • Dates of Yuga formation that may be found in the Panchangam

If you want your Dosh Nivaran to be really successful, you should schedule it for the Mahalaya Amavasya.

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