Sabarimala 2022 Mandala Pooja Darshan Ticket Online Booking

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Lord Ayyappa is honored at the Sabarimala Sree Dharma Sanstha Temple. It is the most well-known and important Sanstha temple in Kerala. According to the official website, it can only be used for worship on Mandala Pooja, Makaravilakku, Vishu, and the first day of each Malayalam month. So, fans want to use the site to book their place in line (Q).

The Travancore Devaswom Board has announced the launch of an online booking and pre-ordering system to help pilgrims book and order the services they need ahead of time so that their trip to Sabarimala is easy and holy. So that everyone can go to the temple, the government has made, an online booking system for Sabarimala.

Sabarimala 2022 Mandala Pooja Darshan Ticket Online Booking

Sabarimala 2022 Mandala Pooja  Darshan:

The Travancore Devaswom Board has made an online platform at / to help cut down on traffic. Devotees should book their online Darshan tickets (Sabarimala Virtual Q coupons) through the portal for July, August, September, October, November, December, and January 2022 and 2023. Pilgrims will be able to find out when the 2022 Ayyappa temple opens, where they can stay, how to get Kanikka, Prasadams, and more online. To book any service, the pilgrim needs to sign up for an account online. The Sabarimala temple will be open so that devotees can celebrate the Thulam month Pooja. The government of Kerala lets up to 25,000 people visit the Sabarimala temple every day.

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The world is getting used to the Covid-19 pandemic, and many institutions are taking different steps to deal with it. As normal activities return to the Temple in India, the people in charge are also working to make sure everyone is safe. Followers of Covi-19 are expected to follow its rules and to show negative test results or certificates for Covid-19. This is one way to stop the virus from spreading, but you should still go about your daily life.

The process for booking online is easy and works well. For Sabarimala Q Online booking 2021-22, you need to fill out some information. But if you want to book tickets online, you also need a photo ID.

Here are some easy steps you need to take to book a ticket. When you buy the ticket, you will be given a date and time. You are asked to get there on the same day and time.

Sabarimala 2022 Mandala Pooja  Darshan Ticket Online Booking:

  1. Go to the website page for Sabarimala and type in the login information.
  2. To open new tabs, go to the page and click on the “availability” button.
  3. Choose the month and time you want. The page will show any date or time of the month.
  4. On the screen, the page will show the available times and dates. The user is told to book tickets ahead of time to get a spot.
  5. Note that the available date will be shown at specific times. This doesn’t let users choose their own dates.
  6. When the date is green, it means it’s free, while red means it’s already taken.
  7. Choose any dates and times and enter your name, number of IDs, user’s photo, etc.
  8. Check the information again, and then click the “book” button on the page.
  9. The user’s booking information will be shown on the screen then download it.

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