Sanjeevaraya Swamy Vellala Sthalapuranam History Location

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A small village with this name may be found in Rajupalem Madel, which is part of the Kadapa District in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Vellala or Yellala means “I had to go” in Telugu. Before we get into the technicalities of why this place is called what it is, let’s go have a look at it.

Probably the most well-known place in the vicinity of this community is Proddatur, which is just around 23 kilometres distant. Located eight kilometres from Chagalamarri [on the route between Kadapa and Kurnool], We can reach this community. The village of Vellala, situated on the banks of the Kumudavathi River, is a beautiful and relaxing spot. The river was formerly known by a different name, but it was recently renamed the Kundu River.

Sanjeevaraya Swamy Vellala Sthalapuranam History Location

The town’s abundant vegetation serves as a warm welcome to anybody who visits. The source of the Kundu River is near the town of Orvakal, which is part of the Kurnool .The river ultimately flows through the Kadapa District and into the Penna River. It’s common knowledge that this river is the conduit for the flooded waters of a wide variety of other waterways. In the dry season, it carries very little water and in the rainy season, it is totally buried.

The Shrine Of Sri Sanjeevaraya

The location of the town, which is near an ancient temple devoted to Sri Hanuman, has made it more famous among devotees of the Hindu god. Lord of the Kshetra, or Sri Sanjeevaraya Swami, is the name of the god who holds this honor. People from all across the state of Karnataka flock to this temple to have dharshan with the Lord. Ultimately, it was Lord Sri Sanjeevaraya himself who bestowed the name “vellala” to this little town.

Sanjeevaraya Swamy Vellala Sthalapuranam History Location

Lakshmana was injured during the fight between Sri Rama and Ravana and passed out from his wounds. The comatose man just needed a few medical herbs to be revived. There was talk that you may find similar plants if you looked beyond the Himalayas. Sri Rama assigned Sri Hanuman the task of delivering these therapeutic plants quickly.

Sri Hanuman started his trek back to Sri Lanka after he jumped his way to the mountain of medical plants. On the evening of the sandya hour, which is roughly equivalent to sunset, He stopped His journey on the Kumudavathi River’s bank to offer prayers to Surya. When He was doing His Sandya vandhan, the gods and sages came up to see Him perform the miraculous accomplishment of bringing the whole mountain crashing down. As soon as He finished praying, He would resume His frantic hopping. The sages along the water’s edge beseeched the Lord to stay put in the kshetra. The Lord then stated that he “had to go” (vellala villa vellala) since he is on the mission of Sri Rama, but that he will return to this kshetra in the future.

Sanjeevaraya Swamy Vellala Sthalapuranam Brahmotsava

During the lunar calendar month designated as Vaisakha, the festival known as Brahmotsava is held in honor of Vellala Sri Sanjeevaraya Swamy. During this event, there is a parade with chariots, and a ritual called “tirthavari” is carried out in the Kumudavathi River to honor Swamy. Followers of Sri Sanjeevaraya turn out in big numbers for this festival.

Sri Lakshmi sametha Sri Chennakesava Swamy, Sri Parvathi sametha Uppalaya are located in the temple complex for the deities Sri Bheema Lingeswara Swany, Sri Veerabhadra Swamy, Sri Vinayaka Swamy, and Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy.

The leaders of the temple make guest rooms accessible to worshippers who are only passing through. There are further organizations that fall under the category of non-profits that also provide free housing.

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