Shradh 2022 Dates September Pooja Timings Procedure

Shradh 2022 September Dates and Pooja Timings, Shradh September 2022 Dates Pooja Timings, Shradh 2022 Dates September Pooja Procedure

Hindus honour their ancestors during the 15–16-day lunar period called Pitru Paksha or Shradh. According to the Hindu Panchang, it starts on the full moon of Shukla Paksha in the month of Bhadrapad and ends on the new moon of Krishna Paksha in the month of Aswin. The most important day of Pitru Paksha is the last day, which is also called Sarvapitri Amavasya or Mahalaya Amavasya.

In Hinduism, it is a time of mourning that is marked by many pujas, rituals, and acts of daan (charity). People believe that honouring the souls of the dead during this time helps them reach moksha, which means freedom.

Brahmpurana says that a person should worship his ancestors before he worships the Gods. This is because it is thought that the Gods like it when people honour their ancestors. In Indian society, this is why the elders are respected and even worshipped after they have died.

These gifts come in the form of Shradh, which must be done on the tithi (date) of death, which falls in Pitrupaksha. If the tithi is unknown, Ashwin Amavasya, also known as All Sovereign Amavasya, can be worshipped instead. On Shradh, we honour our ancestors by doing tarpan and giving food and money to Brahmins and other people who are in need.

Shradh 2022 Dates September Pooja Timings Procedure

Shradh September 2022 Dates and Pooja Timings:

The festival of Pitru Paksha 2022 will start on September 10 and end on September 25.

Pitru Paksha Significance:

Hinduism says that it is important for the person’s loved ones to make sure that the soul leaves the body in a dignified way when the person dies. Even though a funeral puts the body to rest, the soul needs to be set free. So, the family members of the deceased do Shradh every year during this time so that the soul can reach moksha.

Shradh is led by the dead person’s oldest son or another male relative. Shradh is sometimes done by women as well. People also believe that if the Shradh is done right, the soul of the person who died will come back to bless his or her loved ones.

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During Pitru Paksha, the Pind Daan is also done. According to the Hindu Puranas, Hindus owe their ancestors a debt of karma, which they try to pay back by doing Pind Daan during Shradh. People also believe that Pind Daan done by the next generation fulfils the unfulfilled wishes of their ancestors and gets them into heaven.

Shradh Pooja Procedure:

  • The oldest person in the family, especially the oldest son, takes the holy bath and puts on clean clothes and a kush grass ring. 
  • Kush grass stands for kindness and is used to call on the spirits of the dead.
  • Now, put a white cloth over a wooden table or chowki and put it in the south direction. Then, spread black sesame seeds and barley seeds on the table and put the photo of the ancestor on top.
  • Next, invite the ancestors and make Pind Daan rice balls out of honey, rice, goat’s milk, sugar, and sometimes barley.
  • Tarpan comes after Pind Daan. During Tarpan, flour, barley kush, and black sesame seeds are mixed with water and given to the ancestors.
  • When Pind Daan and Tarpan are done, give food to people who are poor and in need.

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