Siddavatam Fort Kadapa Sidhout Fort History Address Timings

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During the reign of the Tuluva dynasty, the Matti Raja family constructed this fort in the year 1303 A.D. On the banks of the Pennar river, the fortis was constructed. In recognition of Yellamaraju’s success in the OOTUKURU battle, the Vijayanagar ruler Araveeeti Venkatapathi Rayulu II presented this fort to him as a gift in the year 1605. Matti Rajas were the Nayakars under the Vijayanagar kingdom.

In the 17th century, the Mayana Nawabs of Kadapa gained possession of this fort and used it as their base of operations. During the years 1779 and 1780 A.D., the then-king of Mysore, Hyder Ali, took control of the fort. In the year 1792, the Nizams of Hyderabad defeated the Tippu Sultan of Mysore and took possession of this fort, which had previously been under the authority of Mysore.

Siddavatam Fort Kadapa Sidhout Fort History Address Timings

  • In this region, the inhabitants were referred to as “Siddhas.” They used to make their homes in the shade of trees known as “vata” (Indian Banyan trees), which abounded in this region back in those days.
  • Because of this, the name Sidhas with Vata becomes Sidhavata, which may also be shortened to Sidhout.
  • Sidhout is located on the banks of the Penna River and is encircled on all sides by natural gorges, the likes of which are uncommon in southern India.
  • The Siddavatam Fort, which is located in the Cuddapah District of Andhra Pradesh, is regarded as one of the architectural wonders of the fourteenth century.
  • The indestructible fort, which stands on the banks of the River Pennar at the foot of the Lankamala Hills on the route from Cuddapah to Badvel via Bhakarapet, is a living testament to the architectural prowess, military strategy, and aesthetics of medieval India.
  • It is located in the middle of thirty acres of land. You will need to travel 25 kilometers from Cuddapah to the settlement of Siddavatam, which is also referred to as Sidhout.
  • About 20 kilometers distant from Rajampet is where you’ll find Siddavatam Fort.

Temples Located Near Siddavatam Fort Kadapa

  • Ranganayaka Shrine
  • The Siddeswara Swamy Shrine may be seen right next to the Pennar river. An old temple that was erected during the reign of
  • the Vijayanagar kingdom when it was first established.
  • Bala Brahma Shrine Durga Shrine
  • September and October are the best months to visit this location.

The correct spelling of this term should have been “Siddhavatam,” not “Siddavatam.” The term “Siddha” refers to a person who had descended from the gods in the past. A ‘Vata’ is a tree that Hindus visit in order to conduct rituals to their ancestors who have passed away. As a result, it is consistent with our long-standing custom of attributing a heavenly origin to the founding of our towns and forts. Andhra Pradesh is home to the Siddavatam Fort, which can be found in the Kadapa taluk. It was constructed in the year 1303 A.D. with the support of the Tuluvas, who served as the Nayakas (Chiefs) under the illustrious Vijayanagara dynasty during the time that is often known as the Golden Age of South Indian history.

Siddavatam Fort Kadapa Sidhout Fort History Address Timings

The construction of forts was an essential component of defensive strategies throughout both ancient and mediaeval eras. In point of fact, Mysore Palace is surrounded by a massive fort that has multiple gates, each of which is known by a distinct name. In his work Arthashastra, Kautilya provides a list of seven limbs (sap tanga), some of which are Svami (King), Amatya (Minister), and Durga (Fort), amongst other things. Even temples had large fortifications to protect the images of gods and goddesses, as well as the priests and other people who worked in the temples (including those who made the prasada), and anybody else who could have been there. Forts served as a focal point for both defensive and religious activity as a result.

There are various forts, such as the Manjargadbad fort, the Gulbarga fort, the Belagavi fort, the Raichur fort, the Chitradurga fort (which was picturized in Ramachari), the Kittur fort, which got renowned by the brave lady Channamma, the Bidar fort, and the Basavakalyan fort, among other forts. Tipu’s fort is located somewhat closer to where we are. There are other notable forts located across Europe. There is a fort house in the Allington region of Kent in England that is one of them. As a result, one may find a lot of forts in India as well as in other areas of the globe.

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