Mrityunjaya Homam in Thirukadaiyur Benefits Pooja Procedures

Know the details about the Mrityunjaya Homam in Thirukadaiyur Benefits Pooja Procedures, Mrityunjaya Homam in Thirukadaiyur Online Booking

Mrityunjaya Homam in Thirukadaiyur: A Look at Its Benefits, Expenses, and Associated Pooja. Pooja Timing: between two and two hours and thirty minutes. Dress code: Please ensure that you wear
Male: White Pancha, Dhoti/ Kurta, Pyjama. Dress options for women include the saree and blouse, the Punjabi dress with the dupatta, the Chudidhar with the dupatta, and the half sarees. The number of priests that will conduct this Homam is 2.

Mrityunjaya Homam in Thirukadaiyur Benefits Pooja Procedures

When should the Mrityunjaya Homam be performed?
It is said that whoever performs a Homam for a newborn infant would be granted the blessing of Purna Ayush. It is recommended to carry out the ritual on the birth star day for the best possible outcomes.
Seeking I wish you both good health and mental tranquility.
In order to keep one’s cool. If you consult an astrologer to find out whether Dosha is associated with a certain accident, then doing this Homam would be beneficial.

Mrityunjaya Homam in Thirukadaiyur Procedure:

  • Prayers or Pooja were offered to the Cow.
  • Pooja starts with Ganapathi pooja Maha Sankalpam
  • Following the cleaning of the hands (Punyahavachanam Devatha Avahanam), the Kalasa Sthapana ritual will be carried out.
  • 16 Both the Kalasa Prathishta and the Pooja Homam are going to be carried out by two priests.
  • The word Poornahuthi denotes the conclusion of the Homam.
  • The priests will perform the ritual of pouring water from the Kalasa over the devotee   Aseervachana.
  • As part of the Homam package ticket, you will be given the necessary materials for Pooja. The devotee is required to bring two sets of the New Dress.

Mrityunjaya Homam in Thirukadaiyur Benefits:

  • Dosha that is associated with unexpected passing away is removed.
  • Avoid road accidents or injuries
  • Dosha that is associated to health problems are eliminated.
  • Negative energy is eliminated, along with the dread of unexpected death. Health and family safety are prioritised.

1) Eliminates any and all negative effects from your life.
2) Encourages you to have greater aspirations and increases your chances of achieving professional success.
3) It has a significant positive impact on your health.
4) It establishes a kavach, also known as a protective barrier, around you and your family.
5) It will help your marriage and your family life become more harmonious.
6) The recitation of the mantra cleanses one of all sins committed in both this life and previous lives.

Mrityunjaya Homam Samagri For Pooja:

  1. Betel Nuts (50 g)
  2. 1 Pasupu (200 g) – Agarbathi
  3. Meenakshi Kumkum (100 g)
  4. No Camphor – Sandal Powder – 1 (Solid) 50 Tablets – 50g
  5. 1 Panchakavyam Ganga Jalam
  6. 1/2 kg cow ghee 250 g pancha deepa oil
  7. 11 Akshathan coins weighing 100 grammes
  8. 1 kilogramme of rice
  9. Rice Powder (200 g)
  10. 50 g of honey
  11. 200 grams jaggery
  12. 250 grams sugar
  13. 100 grams sugar nuts
  14. 100 grams dry dates
  15. Kaju Cashew Nuts – 50 g
  16. 50 grams of dry grapes (Dismiss)
  17. 50 g Almond Seeds (Badam)
  18. 250 gramme Atukulu (Aval)
  19. 100 g Vari Pelalu (Nel Pori)
  20. White Towel – 1 Blouse Pease – 1 Pattu Cloth – 1 No Thread Reel – 1 No Cootan Wicks – 1 Kankanam – 2 No Pooja Asanam – 2 No Poornahuthi Navarathanam – 1 St Pancha loam – 1st Gandham Chekka (Sandal Wood) Dry Poovu-1 Box Elachi – 10 grams Coconut – 2 Piece Dry Coconut (Full) – 1 No.
  21. 10 gramme lavangam
  22. 10 gramme Jajikaya
  23. Japathri – 10 gm
  24. 10 gramme Dalchina Chekka
  25. 10 gramme Pacha Karpooram
  26. 1 gramme Kasturi – 1 gramme Gorojanam
  27.  10 g Anasa Poovu
  28. Tella Avallu (50 g)
  29. 50 grammes black tills
  30. Dharba: 25 Pavitram: 2 Kurcham: 1 Vattiveru: 100 g
  31. 200 grammes Rongoli Color Power Navadhanyam
  32. Navadhanyam – 50 grammes each
  33. Havana Power – 200g
  34. 5 Optional Hand Napkins – 1 Havanam Samagri (Extra pay)
    Mango Samidhulu – 2 packets Navagraha Samit – 1 packet,2 packages Ravi Samidhulu
  35. White Jilledu Samidhulu – 2 packets Moduga Samidhulu – 2 packets
  36. 20 Nos. Cow Pidakaklu, Varati Option – 2 Pooja Vejals (Extra pay),Deeparadhana Deepam-2 Harathi Plates-1 Glass (Punyahavachanam)-3 Nos.
  37. 1 Set Panchapatra Uddarani (3no)
  38. 1 Thabalam Plate 1 Agarabathi Stand 1 Small Hand Bell 1 Option – 3
  39. Make Your Own Fruit Arrangement 5 Items
  40. Coconut, Thambulam, and Bettel Leaves
  41. Manganese Leaves
  42. Leaf Bananas
  43. Flowers Red Pump Kin Flower Garlands.

Importance of Mrityunjaya Homam:

  1.  Anyone who wishes to control death caused by disease, injuries, or accidents may choose               Mrityunjaya homam to achieve their life goals.
  2.  In addition, by reciting this homam, one may be able to eliminate the ill effects of a horoscope’s        doshas and the unfavorable influences of the planets.
  3.  Another benefit is that it shows ways to protect yourself from dangers caused by enemies and hostile forces, which can help you live long.


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