Srikalahasti Temple Accommodation Rooms Booking Online

Know the latest details of the Srikalahasti Temple Accommodation Rooms Booking Online, Srikalahasti Temple Accommodation Booking Online

Ancient Tamil sources say that Sri Kalahasti has been called the “Kailas of the South” for more than 2,000 years and that the small river it sits on has been called the “Ganges of the South.” When people say that Kalahasti is the “Kailas of the South,” they mean that the small hill next to the temple is the spiritual equivalent of Kailas in the Himalayas.

The god Kalahastheeswara looks to the west and stands for freedom. He is the lord of Kalahasti. Liberation, which happens when the ego dies and the Self is found again, is the last stage of life, just like setting is the sun’s last act before it goes behind the horizon. The Tamil Cholas and the Vijayanagara rulers both gave gifts to this temple. People say that Adi Sankara went to this temple to pray. The Chola people wrote on the walls of this temple in the 10th century CE. The Telugu poem “Sri Kalahasti Satakam” talks about the traditions of this temple.

Srikalahasti Temple Accommodation Rooms Booking Online

Srikalahasti Temple Accommodation Online Booking:

  • No room for single people, people who aren’t married, or couples who aren’t related.
  • At the time of check-in, all devotees must have a photo ID with them.
  • Room assignments depend on what’s available.
  • There is no lift for the cottages. The worshippers have to use steps to get to the 1st and 2nd floors.
  • Please keep in mind that there will be a lot of people on the weekends and on holidays.
  • There are Indian-style toilets in both non-AC and AC rooms.
  • Extra person fees must be paid at the front desk when checking in.
  • There is no way to book these cottages online.
  • On Sat, Sun, Holidays, Brahmotsavam, Festival, Amavasya, and other lucky days, there will be a lot of people.
  • Rooms are given out for 24 hours.

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There are good services available at the temple. guest houses based on how many rooms they have. There are also many private places to stay at Srikalahasti temple. Budget-friendly, nice atmosphere, full water, room service, very comfortable for families to stay, cottages close to temple, as we know Srikalahasti temple is famous for Rahu Ketu pooja, Kala sarpa dosha nivarana poojas.

Calling the cottage and guest house in advance lets you buy Srikalahasti Temple online tickets. Save the numbers of all guesthouses in your phone book. Find out if a room is available online. The prices and number of rooms listed above change based on the needs. Check online to see if a facility is available before you book it.

Cottage NameRoom TypeCostTotal




1st Floor Non-AcRs.4006
2nd Floor Non-AcRs.15010
Double Bed room AcRs.80020
Sri Gnana



Double Bed Room AcRs.80026
Suite Rooms AcRs.10006
Siva SadanDormitory Beds8
Dormitory Hall1
Ganga SadanDouble Bedroom AcRs.60024
Double bedroom Non-AcRs.4008

Varadaraja Swamy


Single Room Non-Ac

1st Floor

Double Room AcRs.8005
Bharadwaja SadanNon-Ac Single RoomRs.35016
Double Room Non-AcRs.40020
Bhakta Kanappa


Double Bed Room AcRs.80020
Deluxe Double Bed Non-AcRs.30045

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