Tirumala Alipiri Toll Gate Charges Entry Point Fast Tag Prices

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Tirumala Alipiri Toll Gate:

The TTD would implement toll gate charges close to the Alipiri for the benefit of the pilgrims who make the journey to Tirumala. The toll gate system has been in place for a significant amount of time for the benefit of pilgrims who are travelling to and from the holy city of Tirumala. There is a fee that must be paid by pilgrims in order to use the Ghat Road to travel to the Tirumala temple. The TTD will be able to maintain a higher level of road quality with the assistance of the revenue generated from the toll gates. 

Additionally, in exchange for the fees required at the toll gates, pilgrims will be granted access to the many facilities located along the highways. Towing service, ambulances, and other forms of roadside help are available on the Tirumala ghat routes. The pilgrims are expected to pay the toll gate charges in order to gain access to all of these facilities.

Tirumala Alipiri Toll Gate Charges Entry Point Fast Tag Prices

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The Pilgrims are required to make a payment at the Alipiri checkpoint in order to pass through the toll gates. At this stage, the pilgrim’s luggage will also be inspected to look for goods that are prohibited. Beyond this point, the pilgrims are not permitted to take any of the goods that are forbidden for them to bring into Tirumala.

TTD is responsible for the upkeep of the Tirumala ghat road. Every day, the ghat road is only open during certain times, and this is done to safeguard the safety of the pilgrims. The distance to Ghat road is 18 kilometres, and it is monitored by security personnel. Make it a habit to come back here frequently for the most recent information regarding the Tirumala Ghat Road.

The entry hours for Tirumala Ghat Road are listed below, along with the closing time for Tirumala Ghat Road. During these times, vehicles will be permitted to travel on Tirumala Ghat Road.

Tirumala Alipiri Toll Gate timings:

Other vehicles, including buses and four-wheelers: 3 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.

Two Wheelers: 4 AM – 10 PM

Tirumala Alipiri Toll Gate Charges:

1Two wheelerFree
2LCV / LMV Cars /Jeeps / TATA Ace Similar Mini LCV Taxies (cars) (5+1 Capacity) upto 8+1=950/-
3LCV 2 Axle / Mini Bus Mini Lorries Goods Vehicles100/-
4JCB / Mixer / CraneTerbainer/ Hevay Goods Container Vehicles200/-
5LCV / Bus / Truck – ( Axle /EME / HCM200/-

The following are the rules that must be followed on the Tirumala Ghat Road:

  • Helmets are required for riders of two-wheeled vehicles (both the driver and the pillion rider).
  • A valid driver’s licence is required of every driver. The use of a learner’s licence is not permitted.
  • There should not be a L board on the car.
  • Must always wear their seat belts.
  • Outside of the clearly marked parking areas, vehicles should not be stopped on the shoulder of the road.
  • Try to avoid passing other vehicles on bends and curves. It is imperative that the allotted number of seats be properly adhered to.
  • Items such as meat, pyrotechnics, alcoholic beverages, cigarette products, and carrying firearms are examples of things that are prohibited.
  • prohibited from being transported in motor vehicles.
  • The minimum amount of time spent travelling should not be less than forty minutes. At the point of entry for the Ghat road,
  • Every vehicle is required to give their entry time when they check in. The trip duration must be at least sixty minutes, preferably an hour. In any other case, the entrance to Tirumala is closed off to vehicles.

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