Srikalahasti Temple Timings Darshan Online Booking Details

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The Srikalahasti temple in India’s Andhra Pradesh region is a well-known Shiva shrine. It is one of the most famous temples in all of South India, famous because it is the site where Kannappa willingly sacrificed both of his eyes to stop the blood streaming out of the Shiva Lingam.

The Srikalahasti temple is roughly 36 kilometers from Tirupati. In addition, the temple is known as Dakshina Kasi and Rahu-Ketu-Kshetra. The inner structure of the temple dates back to the fifth century, while the outside structure was constructed by the Vijayanagara and Chola rulers in the twelfth century. When Shiva takes in the form of Vayu, he is revered as Kalahasteeswara. One of the holiest sites in all of India, there is plenty to discover there

Srikalahasti Temple Timings Darshan Online Booking Details

  • .The Sri Kalahasti temple is easily accessible by road and rail, and it is situated around 38 kilometers north of Tirupati central. The temple is easily reached by a number of APSRTC bus routes and all Vijayavada-Tirupati trains.
  • The Temple is located in Sri Kalahasti, Chittor District, Andhra Pradesh-517644 and is dedicated to Sri Kalahasteeswara Swamy Vari Devasthanams.
  • Those who visit this temple to honor Lord Shiva do so because he represents one of the five elements—water, fire, earth, space, and air—in human form.
  • Apart from the four other elements—space (Chidambaram), earth (Kanchipuram), water (Tiruvanaikkaval), and fire (Tiruvannamalai)—air is worshiped in the Sri Kalahasti temple (Fire).
  • When it comes to Southern religious landmarks, this temple is right up there with the best of them.
  • Most notably among those who worship Shiva, the Sri kalahasti temple is held in the highest esteem.
  • Devotees will have a wonderful time because to the ardent Devotion and the luxurious architecture.
  • In addition to providing a heavenly experience, pilgrims to this holy site are also freed from whatever planetary misalignments they may have been carrying.
  • Many worshippers of the Shiva lingam here believe that Lord Shiva freed an elephant, a snake, and a spider from their bonds.
  • Kritayuga is the first of the four Yugas in Hindu cosmology, and its spider inhabitants must find salvation before the end of that age, just as the snake and elephant followers of Trata Yugaam did before them.
  • According to popular belief, the elephant and the snake became bitter enemies because each creature’s devotional displays were seen as a threat to the others.
  • Yet in the end, it was Shiva who set both of them free.
  • Pooja of the Planets (Sarvadoshas), Grahadoshas, Rahu, and Ketu
  • When Rahu and Ketu are out of whack, it may cause emotional and mental distress, as well as ups and downs in many areas of one’s life, including finances, relationships, and career.
  • And the individual may be struggling under a heavy load of issues for which they have no clear explanation.
  • Only a trained astrologer can determine whether or not the individual is suffering from Kaal Sarp Yoga.
  • The Sarpdosh Puja in the Sri Kalahasti temple, where it may be conducted in the presence of Lord Shiva, is the greatest remedy for the ailment.
  • Because of his holy power, Lord Shiva can illuminate every part of a person’s being, erasing any and all problems that could otherwise be there.
  • The Rahu Kalam lasts for around 45 minutes, and most astrologers recommend doing the puja then. There are three types of tickets for the temple pooja that may be purchased:
  • The puja for those who purchase the Rs. 300 ticket will be performed in a spacious auditorium next to the temple grounds.
  • For an additional Rs. 750, you may do the Pariharam Pooja in an air-conditioned hall dedicated to Shiva Sannishi, located conveniently next to the main temple.
  • In this instance, the Pariharam Pooja will be performed within the temple and the cost of the ticket increases to Rs. 1500.
  • There are many legends about the sacrifices made by worshipers of Lord Shiva as an expression of their adoration and reverence for him.

Srikalahasti Temple Significance And History

The narrative of the three devoted followers of Lord Shiva is linked to the temple, according to several Hindu texts. Names of the three devotees—a spider, a snake, and an elephant—are used to create the name Sri kalahasti. All three are said to have been devout followers of Lord Shiva, each doing pooja in his or her own special style.

Spider used to wrap around the linga, the strong thread to preserve it from becoming degraded while elephant gave Abhishek to Lord Linga with water he brought from the nearby river.

Srikalahasti Temple Timings Darshan Online Booking Details


One of the most important festivals held at the temple is Mahashivaratri, which falls during the Hindu calendar’s Maasi month (15 February – 15 March). Mahashivaratri falls on the fifth day of the Massi month. The festival’s pooja of the deities is conducted with great fervor and devotion.


  • Tirupati airport, which is 30 miles from the Kalahasti temple, is the closest and most convenient airport.
  • Tirupati also has several hotels and other places to stay, which makes visiting the city even easier.
  • As Kalahasti is easily accessible from both Chennai and Tirupati, visiting the temple for a day is a realistic option for those living in Chennai.
  • If you plan ahead, you may go by car from Chennai to Tirupati, Tirumala, and Kalahasti all in a single day.
  • Temple hours are from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • From RTC Bus Stop, the temple is 36 kilometers away; from Tripura Railway Station, it is 36.5 kilometers.

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