Srimukhalingam Temple Andhra Pradesh History Timings Details

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The Sri Mukhalingeswara Temple may be found in the little hamlet of Mukhalingam. Srikakulam can be reached in around 50 kilometers, while Visakhapatnam can be reached in approximately 170 kilometers. It is believed to have been created around the 8th century when the East Ganga Dynasty was in control of the area, and it is devoted to the god Shiva. As a consequence of this, it is possible to assert that it is one of the oldest temples in the area.

In addition to being a location of historical value, it is also well known for the beauty of its architecture, which is comprised of remarkable reliefs, beautiful domes, and exquisite motifs. Nowadays, it is considered to be one of the most significant sacred places for Hindus in the area, and each year, hundreds of Hindu devotees as well as visitors go there to pay their respects. One of the most important holidays that is observed here is Shivratri.

Srimukhalingam Temple Andhra Pradesh History Timings Details

  • History of the Srimukhalingam Temple The Someswara Temple was built somewhere between the sixth and seventh centuries A.D.
  • The construction of the Madhukeswara temple took place during the reigns of the Chalukyan and Orissan kings and dates back to the first half of the 10th century A.D.
  • The construction of the Bhimeswara temple took place between the years 980 and 1015 A.D., under the reign of Aniyankha Bhima.
  • The oldest of the three temples is the Sri Madhukeswara Temple, which was constructed the longest ago. The temple is oriented toward the east and may be reached through a set of stairs.
  • In front of the temple is a simple Dwajasthambha that is perched on a circular pedestal.
  • One entrance is located in the east, while the other is located in the south of the main shrine, which is surrounded by a tall, elevated pra kara wall.
  • The Orissan khakhra deul kind of temple is resembled by the wagon-roof with a tiered structure and kalesa-like cusp that graces the eastern entrance of the building.
  • The Nandi-mandapa is located via the doorway to the east, and it is coated with lime plaster. Inside the mandapa is an image of Nandi, which represents Siva’s chariot.
  • The doors are adorned with finely carved decorations that include scrolling designs of vegetation, statues of a few sensual lovers, and other motifs.
  • The entrance to Jagamohana is located on a high rectangular platform, and it also has a bull.
  • Behind the mandapa in the temple is a classic example of a Panchayatana, which consists of four minor subsidiary shrines positioned at the corners, with the main temple of Sri Madhukeswara situated in the middle.
  • The first building is a square deul and a rectangular Jagamohana plan, while the second structure, which is the temple main, has a triratha plan and is of the Pidha deul type.
  • Both of these constructions are part of the temple proper.
  • A Linga may be discovered within the Garbhagriha, however it has not been polished. In front of the sanctum sanctorum is a structure known as the Jagamohana.
  • It has a flat roof and is supported by six pillars that are simple. Two of the corner shrines may be located on the eastern side, while the other two can be found around the prakara wall.
  • Each one of them has a width of 12 feet and a height of around 30 feet, and they are used to house manusha lingas.

Srimukhalingam Temple Andhra Pradesh Significance

A prakara wall separates the temple of Sri Aniyaka Bhima or Bhimeswara from the temple of Sri Madhukeswara. The Sri Aniyaka Bhima or Bhimeswara temple is located on a platform and faces east. It is located adjacent to the Sri Madhukeswara temple. Above the sanctum sanctorium of the temple is a superstructure that has a curved shape. The layout of the temple is in the form of a tri-Ratha, and the images of Dakshinamurthi, Brahma, and Narasimha are housed in niches situated on the central projection.

These niches are located on the southern, northern, and western sides of the temple, respectively. The temple is covered with inscriptions, and some of them refer to the deity known as Sri Aniyamka Bhimeswara. This name was given to the temple in honor of its builder, Vajrahasta II (982 – 1016 A.D).

The most recent of Sri Someswara’s three temples, this one may be seen near the entrance to the hamlet. The Sanctorum houses a manusha Linga that has been polished to a mirror-like finish. On some of the facets of the Bhadra projection of the wall are recessed areas or corners. Images of Ganesa, Karthikeya, Mahisasuramardhini, and other deities are kept in the principal niches of the temple.

These nooks are elaborately carved and ornamented with motifs that are quite detailed. Figures of the Ganga, Yamuna, and Dwarapalakas are carved into the door jambs on the western side of the building. The Navagraha and Gajalakshmi panels are positioned on the lintel. Above the mulamanjari, there are carvings of Surya, Siva, and Lakulisa on the panels that are located on the cardinal directions.

Srimukhalingam Temple Andhra Pradesh History Timings Details

What is the best way to go to Srimukhalingam Temple?

  • The closest train station is located 21 kilometers away at Urlam, which can be found on Railway Station Road in Kothapolavalasa in the state of Andhra Pradesh 532425.
  • Temple is 46 kilometers from Srikakulam
  • Visakhapatnam is located around 164 kilometers away from the closest airport.

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