Sringeri Mutt Tirumala Rooms Accommodation Online Booking

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Mutts in Tirumala:

Since ancient times, Tirumala has been acknowledged as a holy city. To safeguard the Hindu religion and maintain a careful eye on the goings-on in the sacred city, many mutts from all across the nation have relocated to Tirumala.

In Tirumala, multiple mutts have coexisted in the same location for many years. The upkeep of the temple and the documentation of its activities are greatly aided by these mutts. Most of these mutts would be equipped with the necessary amenities to host pilgrims from their various sects as well as pilgrims from their own mutts.

Devotees who visit Tirumala on weekends, public holidays, or during festival season may not be able to get a room in any of the TTD hotels due to the overwhelming amount of people in the area at these times. Any of the Mutt’s mentioned below may provide you a cosy place to stay at this time of year. For the convenience of the pilgrims, we have compiled all of the details regarding the various Tirumala Mutts and posted them here. Accommodations cannot be booked online; a direct phone call is necessary. According to the communities it serves, each Mutt must be open to Devotees.

Sringeri Mutt Tirumala Rooms Accommodation Online Booking

Rooms at the Tirumala Sringeri Mutt:

Currently, Tirumala Sringeri Mutt does not accept bookings made online. The mutt must be contacted or visited in person to make a reservation.

Phone: 0877 227 9435

Address: SV Museum Rd, Tirumala, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 517504, India is where you can find Sringeri Mutt.

Tirumala mutts are non-profit institutions, hence the lodgings adhere to their own set of rules. Depending on the neighborhood, these mutts could serve as a housing supply. The general public may book accommodation in these mutts since they are not affiliated with TTD and run independently for the benefit of the community they are a part of.

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The following objects should be brought by visitors to Tirumala:

  • Visitors to Tirumala are required to provide a proof of covid vaccination.
  • A negative covid-19 test result must be acquired within 72 hours of the darshan time if a certificate is not readily accessible.
  • During darshan, worshipers are required to dress traditionally.

The steps to take to book lodging in Sringeri are as follows:

  • The designated room will be given to you when you arrive and will be accessible for 24 hours after that.
  • Online bookings are not accepted for these cabins.
  • The devotees will be given rooms according to the order in which they arrive.
  • Basic amenities including power, a cot, and running water will be provided in the room.
  • At the time of room assignment, a photo ID is required.
  • The Information Office will be where the rooms will be assigned.

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