Subramanya Pasupatha Homam Pooja Benefits Procedure

Know The Details About Subramanya Pasupatha Homam Pooja Benefits Procedure, Timings, Costs, Best Muhuratham, And More Information

Kartikeya, Skanda, Guha, Shadannana, and Shanmukha are all names for Lord Subramaniam. The “Swadishtana Chakra” is one of the seven basic energy centers that are found in the human body, and Lord Subramanya is considered to be its patron deity.

The one who wears it is protected from the anger of gods, planets, and the souls of the dead. The family strengthens relationships, and the individual is freed from debt, mental blockage, black magic, evil eyes, ghosts, ancestral curses, and even fatal diseases.

Subramanya Pasupatha Homam Pooja Benefits Procedure

Mars and Jupiter are responsible for many of the problems that may be alleviated with the Subramaniam Homam. This homa may also be helpful for those having difficulty conceiving a child or going through challenging times when they are pregnant. In Sanskrit, a “homam” refers to a ceremony in which an oblation or other kind of religious offering is burned as part of the ritual.

Havans are religious events that may take place at temples or in private homes, and they include the use of a sacred fire as the focal point of the worship. Items that have both a material and metaphorical significance, such as grains, butter that has been clarified, milk, incense, and seeds, are presented to the fire. Since the beginning of Vedic history, fire (Agni) has been held in the greatest regard as a divine being.

Subramanya Pasupatha Homam Kala Sarpa Dosha Types:

  • Ananta Kalasarpa Dosha
  • The Kalasarpa Kulika Dosha
  • Vaasuki Kalasarpa Dosha
  • Sankhapala Kalasarpa Dosha.
  • Called the “Kalasarpa Dosha,”
  • Ascend Kalasarpa Dosha, or Mahapadma Kalasarpa Dosha
  • Dosha of the Takshaka Kalasarpa
  • Kalasarpa Dosha Karkotaka
  • Called the Sankhanath Kalasarpa Dosha,
  • Dosha Pathak Kalasarpa
  • Kalasarpa Vishkat Dosha
  • Dosha of the Seshnag Kalasarpa

Both the Homam and the Aradhana are, at their core, two different types of demanding Puja that are presented to several Deities. Devotees engage in the practices of Homa Puja and Aradhana with the expectation that by doing so, they may speed the occurrence of spiritually good consequences such as mental tranquility, household harmony, protection from adverse events, the fulfillment of desires, and enlightenment.

Subramanya Pasupatha Homam Pooja Benefits Procedure

In the process of doing Homa Puja, the priest offers prayers to the proper god while lighting a fire in the Homa Kund and offering different ‘Upachar’ to the flames of the fire. In order to remove the barriers that stand in the way of starting a spiritual journey, obtaining marital joy, cultivating domestic tranquility, and strengthening family connections.

Subramanya Pasupatha Homam Benefits:

  • Reduces the effects of the Kala Sarpa Dosha and eliminates all types
  • Keeping up with the good relationships within the family
  • Eliminates skepticism and mental resistance,
  • In order to get over financial losses and commitments, it is necessary to:
  • protects against the potentially harmful effects of witchcraft and evil stare
  • Gets Rid of Crushes Within the Family
  • I hope that health and prosperity find you.
  • Dosha Nivarana for Kuja and Mangal
  • Reduces the fertility-delaying Dosha in the body
  • Dosha’s neutralization of the postponed marriage’s effects

The characteristics of the Sarpa Dosha could take on a variety of forms. There is a chance that the Serpent may reincarnate as one of your children. who engages in peculiar behavior and disobeys their parents’ desires. Because of what they did, the mental equilibrium of the family will be thrown off. It is suggested that you make use of the Subramanya Pasupatha Homam in order to resolve such urgent issues.

Best Days for Homam:

  • Subramanya Pasupatha Homam’s Ideal Times are as follows
  • The day known as Subramanya Sashti is regarded as┬ábeing the day of greatest blessings.
  • The Sashti Days Which Remain Left Behind
  • The moment of the┬áday that an astrologer advises for your birth.

Instructions for the Pooja Performed by Devotees:

  • Puja is not something we should perform when we are menstruating.
  • Pooja should be performed no sooner than 8 days following the end of a woman’s menstrual.
  • It is imperative that this Pooja be performed right away.
  • For a period of three days before and after a Pooja, you should refrain from consuming any meal that is not vegetarian.

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