Surya Narayana Temple Budagavi History Online Booking Cost

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Uravakonda is located in one of the earliest temples dedicated to the Sun, which dates back to the 13th century. This temple dates back to the reign of the Chaluka empire and was constructed during that period. Usha and Chaya stand on each side of the black granite Padmapani Idol which is five feet tall and has lotus blooms. The Padma represents enlightenment, while the Usha and Chaya symbols stand for infinity.

According to Hindu beliefs, Surya is thought to be the sole visible manifestation of God that can be seen every day. Shaivites and Vaishanvites respectively consider Surya to be an aspect of Siva, while Vaishanvites consider Surya to be an aspect of Vishnu. Surya is also known as Surya Narayana. It is believed that Surya, the deity of the sun, is really one of the eight incarnations of Lord Siva (Astamurthi). According to the Vedic scriptures, Surya is the god of light. The sun, Surya, is the proverbial wellspring of life.

Surya Narayana Temple Budagavi History Online Booking Cost

  • This Temple was established by a Chalukyan monarch somewhere during the 13th century. Since Usha and Chhaya are Surya Narayana’s brides, you should cut the Padmapani emblem. which is a black stone bearing lotus buds and is 5 feet tall. The Padma will always be there for Chaya and Usha, the two representatives of intelligence.
  • Lord Surya, who is thought to be a component of both Shiva and Vishnu, is the deity that represents this particular sort of god in the Hindu religion. As the god of light and one of the eight incarnations of Lord Shiva, he is considered to be the supreme deity
  • Surya Narayana Temple The community of Budagavi may be found in the hamlet of Budagavi, which is part of the Uravakonda Mandal in the Anantapur district.
  • As a result of the fact that Arasavelli was the very first one in Andhra Pradesh, this Surya Temple is the second one and it is also the only Temple in the World in which Lord Surya faces the South.
  • The temple was acknowledged and reconstructed by a non-resident Indian named Ram Khasibhatla from the village of Budagavi. The temple is situated in the Anantapur area.
  • This Temple was constructed in the 13th century by the king of the Chalukyas in the 13th century.
  • Because Usha Chhaya and Chhaya were both Surya Narayana’s wives, the Padmapani emblem should be carved out of a deep, black stone that has lotus blossoms.
  • The sign should be five feet tall. The importance of the Padma for the continued existence of Usha and Chaya’s intellect will be preserved eternally.
  • Lord Surya, who is said to be a component of both Shiva and Vishnu, is considered to be the most particular kind of god, in general, according to the traditions of Hinduism.
  • The goddess of light and the sun are both aspects of Lord Surya, who is one of the eight forms connected with Lord Shiva.

How to Reach Surya Narayana Temple Budagavi and History

  • Regarding travel by air, Puttaparthi is home to the nearest airport.
  • The nearest train station is located in Guntakallu, which is just 39 kilometers away. You may go there by using the train. However, the Bellary Jn Rail Way Station can be found at a convenient location 43 kilometers away from Budagavi.
  • By Road: There is a bus that will take you there, and it is located three kilometers away from the town on Bellary Road.
  • There are a few persons from the town who have achieved notoriety due to their achievements in a variety of professions, including politics, the film business, and other areas.
  • Paidi Lakshmayya was the first person to be elected to the Lok Sabha from Anantapur’s Lok Sabha Constituency, and Neelam Sanjiva Reddy served as the first Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Neelam Sanjiva Reddy also served as the former President of India. Both Kallur Subba Rao, an Indian independence campaigner, and Kadiri Venkata Reddy, an Indian film director, writer, and producer, are considered to be among the most influential people in the history of Indian cinema.
  • Kallur Subba Rao was the first speaker of the Andhra Assembly. Bellary Raghava was an Indian dramatist, thespian, and film actor. Sathya Sai Baba was a spiritual leader who was associated with the Hindu religion.

Surya Narayana Temple Budagavi History Online Booking Cost

When you arrive at Anantapur, you will be able to see the remaining relics of a time that has long since passed. One of the districts that make up the Rayalaseema area in Andhra Pradesh, India is situated in close proximity to the Silicon Valley of India. Anantapur District was established in 1882 after its separation from Bellary District. Anantapur District never fails to provide some striking insights into the region’s ancient history.

In common parlance, Anantapur is also known as “Hande Anantapuram,” where “Hande” literally translates to “chief.” During the time of the Vijayanagar dynasty, it was, without a doubt, a very popular gathering spot. Hanumappa Naidu, a member of the Hande family, received the city of Anantapur and a few other locations as a gift from the Vijayanagar emperors. However, after that, this region was conquered by the Qutub Shahis, the Mughals, and the Nawabs of Cuddapah. However, they let the Hande leaders continue ruling as their subordinates despite taking control of the region.

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