Thiruppavai Telugu Complete Chant Verses PDF Dhanurmasam

Know the details about the Thiruppavai Telugu Complete Chant Verses PDF Dhanurmasam, Thiruppavai Telugu Complete Chant Verses PDF

The Thiruppavai is a collection of Tamil devotional religious poems credited to the female poet-saint Andal (also known as Nachiyar, Kodhai or Goda Devi). She is thought to be a manifestation of Bhudevi, who has come to earth as Periyalvar’s daughter. She is claimed to have fasted (a ‘Paavai nonbu’) during the month of ‘Margazhi’ (Dhanurmaasam) and penned 30 devotional hymns at the age of five in order to attain Perumal. It is composed of thirty stanzas (paasurams) in honour of Thirumal (a manifestation of Lord Vishnu). It is a component of Divya Prabandha, a compilation of the works of the twelve Alvars that is regarded an essential aspect of Tamil literature’s devotional genre. Mullapudi Venkataramana translated the Thiruppavai into Telugu as Melupalukula Melukolupu. Andal issues a worldwide invitation to all people in Thiruppavai to recite Lord Vishnu’s name and glory.

Thiruppavai Telugu Complete Chant Verses PDF Dhanurmasam

Paavai Genre:

Thiruppavai is a Paavai song, a unique Tamil custom sung in the setting of the Paavai vow (Vratham or ritual) observed throughout the month of Margazhi. Sri Vaishnavas chant these stanzas at temples and at home every day of the year. This practise takes on added significance during Margazhi because each day of the month is named after one of the thirty poems. This pledge is mentioned in the late-sangam Tamil musical anthology Paripadal.

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During the month of Marghazhi, Andal’s thirty songs include the cardinal principles of Vaishnava dharma. Vaishnavas sing these hymns to promote serenity, prosperity, and Divine Grace. In these 30 lines, Andal takes the persona of a cowherd girl. Andal appears to be bent on performing a specific religious vow in order to marry the Lord, so obtaining His everlasting company, and asking all of her girl-friends to join her. We realise near the conclusion that she did not actually complete a religious rite, but is instead begging to be allowed the Lord’s service for eternity. She longs for eternal bliss and the Lord’s service.

Thiruppavai Chanting in Dhanurmasam:

Dhanurmasam is a significant month for worshippers of Lord Vishnu. It is claimed that the month of Dhanurmasam is beneficial for performing numerous good activities as well as worshipping Lord Vishnu. This is why all temples will do special pooja during the Dhanurmasam month. In general, the Dhanurmasam will begin in December and end in January. According to the Telugu calendar, temples also observe this Dhanurmasam date.

During this Dhanurmasam, followers of Lord Vishnu would wake up early in the morning. Then the people would bathe and do the Thiruppavai chanting for Lord Vishnu. Normally, the pilgrims will use the Suprabatham to awaken Lord Vishnu. However, at the Dhanurmasam, the pilgrims will wake up the Dhanurmasam with Thiruppavai. This is unique to Thiruppavai.

  • The Thiruppavai is Lord Vishnu’s most sacred chant in Tamil. Thiruppavai is regarded as one of Lord Vishnu’s most difficult and powerful praising songs.
  • This is why Lord Vishnu is said to prefer the Thiruppavai chanting in the Dhanurmasam above the Suprabatham Chanting. On the Dhanurmasam month, temples and pilgrims will perform this Thiruppavai chanting.
  • Normally, during the Dhanurmasam, as it is winter, hearing the Thiruppavai at the temple as suprabatham early in the morning will be an amazing feeling.
  • During the Dhanurmasam day for the Thiruppavai chanting, pilgrims would also experience a great deal of spiritual rest.

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