Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple Marriage Online Booking Cost

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The Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple is a Hindu place of worship that can be found in the city of Thrissur in the Indian state of Kerala. This temple is dedicated to the god Krishna, who is shown as a young boy, as well as the goddess Bhadrakali, and they both have an equal amount of significance. Behind the main temple is a smaller structure that serves as a sub-temple for Ganesha.

There are other smaller shrines dedicated to Brahmarakshas and Sastha. One of the two opposing factions taking part in the Thrissur Pooram, the temple is one of the participants. The elephant, Thiruvambadi Sivasundar who passed away in 2018, called the temple home.

Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple Marriage Online Booking Cost

  • Hindu This Temple does not prohibit arranged weddings; rather, it encourages them Inside the temple, only Thalikettu are permitted to.
  • The minimum age of the bride should be 18 years old.
  • The Required age for the Groom should be 21 years old.
  • Rituals that take place after marriage might be carried out outside of the temple.
  • In order to proceed with the wedding, you are necessary to register in advance.
  • Both the bride and the groom are needed to provide photographic identification and address verification.
  • Photocopy of the high school diplomas of the bride and groom
  • The photo identification of the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents must be shown.
  • Photography and video recording are permitted here.
  • Following Thalikettu, the pair will circumnavigate the light one last time before exiting the temple.
  • The newlyweds won’t be able to have Darshan after their Thalikettu ceremony.
  • The temple does not provide services for the registration of marriages.
  • A receipt will be provided, which may be submitted with the application to register the marriage.
  • Methods Used in the Process of Registering Marriages
  • A copy of the bride and groom’s SSLC Certificates, with the appropriate attestations, is required as evidence of age.
  • A copy of the bride and groom’s Aadhar cards, passports, election cards, or any other form of government-issued identification must be provided as evidence of age.
  • Two photographs in the passport size format
  • One picture from the wedding (Thalikettu Photo)
  • Letter of invitation for two witnesses to a wedding certificate of Marriage issued by the Town Hall Letter of Recommendation from a Councilor or Ward Member Form.

Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple Marriage Online Booking Cost

The general public currently considers the Thiruvambady Temple and the Thrissur Pooram festival to be almost interchangeable terms. However, the latter is the culmination of the ongoing divine worship activities that take place throughout the year with the intention of presenting thousands of devotees from a wide range of locations with a spiritual path to serenity, calm, and mental improvement.

On the Shornur Road, the temple may be found one kilometer to the north of the Vadakkunnathan Temple and 800 meters from the Swaraj Round. The Thrissur Railway Station and Bus stop are about a ten-minute drive away from the location. Unni Krishna is revered as the supreme god of Thiruvambady (Lord Krishna in infant form). Goddess Bhagavathy is honored with the same level of devotion as Lord Krishna, and her shrine may be found just to the left of the latter.

Lord Ganesha, Dharmasastha, and the people who established the temple all have their own shrines outside of the Nalambalam, where they are revered. Just beyond the walls of the temple are enshrined several deities that are recognized by their Dravidian names. These deities include Kukshi Ayyapa, Manikanda, Ghandakarna, Raktheswari, and Bhairava.

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