Tirumala Mutt Marriage Online Booking Cost Contact Details

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It’s important to plan ahead for a mutt hall reservation. The Aadhar cards of both the bride and groom, as well as the Aadhaar cards of both sets of parents, are necessary in order to reserve a Mutt. These halls need to be reserved 5–6 months in advance. Preparations for the Mantap, including the Decoration, Purohit, Melam, Food, Seating, and Pooja Samagri From 3:05 pm to 3:09 pm, or for a total of 23 hours, the allocation for the hall will be in effect.

Evening snacks, dinner, breakfast, and lunch may all be arranged for a wedding occasion. In order to reserve a hall, full payment must be made at the time of booking. After payment is made in full, we will give the receipt.

Tirumala Mutt Marriage Online Booking Cost Contact Details

  • The hall assignment receipt is required documentation and must be kept at all times.
  • Snathakam, Kattira, Upanayanam, etc., are pre-wedding rituals that have an additional price tag.
  • Please be aware that we cannot accommodate venue reservations for less than a full day.
  • For Mutt Marriages, Darshan is now unavailable. It requires a separate reservation.
  • Beyond the temple is where you’ll find the majority of the marriage halls.
  • Couples who want a hall but none of them has parents present will not be accommodated.
  • After the wedding, the Clerk will provide a receipt with the newlyweds’ names on it.
  • In order to register a marriage, you must have this receipt.
  • The process of getting married legally might take anywhere from 5.40 to 6.40 hours. Same-day certificate issuance is planned.
  • Original documents are necessary for filing at the time of the marriage.
  • The price of a hall will change depending on factors like the number of expected guests and its location.
  • The event might need anywhere from five to nine rooms, depending on the venue.
  • Room assignments for extra guests are subject to availability. These rooms are not available for advance reservation.
  • One family and their guests will be given exclusive use of the hall. When used simultaneously, sharing is prohibited.
  • The hall rent already includes the cost of utilities like electricity and water. There will be no further costs.
    1.)Sri Ahobila Mutt 0877-2279440
    2) Contact: 0877-2277555, Mutt Avadhoota Datta Peetham
    3.) Call Mutt Courtallam at (087) 227-7211
    4) Call 0877-2277216 or 2277243 to reach Mutt Govinda Nilayam
    5) Mutt hampi 0877-2277009
    6) Mutt Hathiramji 0877-2222150

Tirumala Mutt Marriage Online Booking Cost Contact Details

  • Sri kanchi kamakoti Mutt
    The Seventh-Row Temple of Laxmi Narayana at 0877-2270789
    Call 0877-2277211 and ask for Mutt Mounaswamy (courtallam).
  • Phone: (0877) 227-7889 (Mutt) Prathidi Bhayankar
    (10) Sri Parakalaswamy Mutt 0877-2270597,2277383
    Phuspagiri Mutt (0877) 227-7419.
  • Rank Eleven
    Contact: 0877-2277302 Sree Ragavendraswamy Mutt
  • 12 Sri Rangam Andavan Ashramam (#13) 877-2277826
    Shree Tirumala Kashi Mutt (#14) 0877-2277316
    Contact: 0877-2277049, 2277059 Mutt sarada peetham 15
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