Tirumala Ramakrishna Theertham Opening Dates Timings Distance

Know the details about the Tirumala Ramakrishna Theertham Opening Dates Timings Distance, Ramakrishna Theertham Tirumala Route, Timings

Tirumala Ramakrishna Theertham is one of the most well-known theertham in the Tirumala Hills. It is stated that taking a dip in this water can cleanse you of your sins and bring you nothing but good luck.

During the rainy season, when there is lush vegetation all around and white water spilling out of the rocks, this location is at its most stunning and should be your top choice for a vacation destination.

According to this passage, a man called Krishna engaged in TAPAS, which is another word for meditation, and built a pool so that he could conduct religious rites involving water and wash himself. In later times, a wise man by the name of Ramakrishna was subjected to harsh and protracted punishment for his misdeeds. During this period an anthill has grown up around him without his awareness, although he is unaware of it.

Tirumala Ramakrishna Theertham Opening Dates Timings Distance And Location Details

Tirumala is the location of the holy pool known as Ramakrishna Theertham. The Tirumala hills, also known as the Sesachalam Forest, are home to a large number of theerthams. There are 108 theertham in the Tirumala hills, according to local legend. One of the theertham that may be visited is called the Ramakrishna Theertham. Only a portion of the theertham will be open for the pilgrims to view throughout their journey. The vast majority of them can’t be reached by regular pilgrims since they are hidden deep in the forest. In addition, the TTD will not be granting permission for pilgrims to visit the Theethams which are situated deep into the forest since the whole forest is classified as a restricted forest.

For this reason, the TTD will only let pilgrims visit certain of these theerthams on a single day each year. The pilgrims will be permitted to visit one theertham on each and every full moon day that occurs during the year. The pilgrims will only be permitted access to a select number of the theerthams, including these theerthams. The Ramakrishna Theertham is a good example of one of them.

Tirumala Ramakrishna Theertham Opening Dates Timings Distance And Where To Find Us

Only during the month of January will the Ramakrishna Theertham be available to pilgrims. According to the TTD Calendar, the days of the full moon will serve as the calendar for the Ramakrishna Theertham.

From six in the morning till six in the evening today, visitors to Ramakrishna Theertham are welcome. The pilgrims may also spend the night at the Ramakrishna Theertham and return the following day. The pilgrims are required to travel significant miles through the forest and may also be required to engage in rock climbing. The Ramakrishna Theertham is off-limits to any pilgrims who do not feel physically capable of traversing such a distance. The travelers are responsible for making all of their own arrangements, and the Papa Vinasanam Dam is the only point of access to the jungle.

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Tirumala Theerthams Trekking Tips:

  • The entrance fee is waived (free) for all devotees who visit.
  • A number of hours spent hiking in the woods. It has been suggested that you carry some food and drink with you.
  • According to the Puranas, a devotee who purifies himself by swimming in one of these sacred ponds, known as theerthams, would have all of their sins cleansed.
  • Water and buttermilk delivery are often arranged by TTD on the customer’s behalf.
  • Please make appropriate preparations, since the admission is in the summer.
  • It is strongly recommended that visitors to the forest do not abandon any plastic covers or bottles of water.
  • Stay on the hiking trail since it goes through a dense forest; don’t stray from it.

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