Tirumala Room Allotment New Procedure Availability Cost

Know More Details About The Tirumala Room Allotment New Procedure Availability Cost, Counters, Location, Timings, And Other Info Are Given

Daily: The counter is open from 6:00 am till 10:00 night. 

  • The registration procedure is completely free, and after the devotee has received the confirmation SMS, they will be able to pay both the room rent and the caution deposit. 
  • In the past, registration for room allotments could only be completed at the CRO office.
  • Now, the TTD has established a total of six additional registration facilities in Tirumala to facilitate the allocation process.
  • Counters for registering at Tirumala’s accommodations may be found here.
  • In addition to making reservations online, devotees may also reserve accommodations upon their arrival at Tirumala. 

Tirumala Room Allotment New Procedure Availability Cost

Tirumala is the only location where registration for lodging may be completed at the Central Reservation Office (CRO). The TTD has begun taking registrations for accommodations in an effort to cut down on the lengthy wait times involved in securing rooms.

The following is the procedure for making offline accommodations in Tirumala:

  • Submit your registration request. For registration, you will need to have both an Aadhaar card and a darshan ticket, in addition to a cellphone number.
  • Following the successful completion of the registration process, an acknowledgment sheet will be sent, which will include the registration as well as the anticipated time of room allocation.
  • On a first-come, first-served basis, the rooms will be sent out according to the tariff groups that have been chosen.
  • SMS messages pertaining to room assignment will be issued to the pilgrims at the cellphone number that they registered with.
  • After the pilgrim has received the SMS, they are required to go to the Area Sub-office that has been assigned to them in order to pay the tariff and get their room keys.
  • The devout individual may sign up for an offline room allocation at any of the counters that were previously specified.
  • After registering, the worshipper is free to go beyond the counter.
  • The method for room registration requires you to provide a photo ID at all times.
  •  A confirmation message in the form of an SMS would be issued to the devotee’s registered mobile number with information on the Sub inquiry.
  • At this time, the devotee may make a payment at the Sub inquiry office consisting of one day’s worth of room rent and one day’s worth of rent as a refundable caution deposit.

Tirumala Room Allotment New Procedure Availability Cost

  • Before the assignment, a photo ID will be checked as proof of purchase.
  • At the Sub inquiries office, you will be able to pick up your room key.
  • After verifying the length of the guest’s stay, the security deposit will be returned to them.
  • Non-related or married couples are not allowed to stay in the same room.
  • In the present booking, the devotee is required to register at any one of these registration counters in order to complete their reservation.
  • The SMS will be sent to the devotee’s cellphone number that was registered, and it will include the name of the sub-inquiry office that is responsible for room allocation.
  • The TTD has made a plea to the worshippers to take advantage of the new services that are offered at these counters.
  • The devotees who go to Tirumala through the Ghat route will have their room assignments taken care of at the Alipiri Tollgate.
  • Devotees who have made online reservations for lodging in Tirumala are required to scan their ARP slips at the Alipiri tollgate, as well as along the Alipiri footpath and Srivarimettu footpath paths.
  • Those devotees who indicate that they plan to go to Tirumala via the Ghatroad will, within the next half an hour, get an SMS on their registered cellphone number with the name of the Sub-Enquiry office.
  • In order to claim your accommodation, you will need to provide both your SMS and your booking receipt.
  • The message on the devotees’ housing assignment will be issued in three hours for the Alipiri Mettu route, while it will be sent in one hour for the Srivarimettu way.
  • The traveler may go to the designated sub-inquiry office, where they will need to present the SMS in order to acquire the designated room.

Tracking System for Complaints Received by the TTD:

  • A TTD complaint monitoring system was previously built at Tirumala with the intention of assisting devotees with room allocation. 
  • TTD has made the decision to implement the system not only in Srinivasam and Vishnu Nivasam Choultries in Tirupati but also in Govindarajaswami Choultries.

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