Tirumala TTD Ekanta Seva Timings Online Booking Today

Know the latest details about the Tirumala TTD Ekanta Seva Timings Online Booking Today, Tirumala Ekanta Seva Timings Online Booking Today

Pavalimpu Seva and Panupu Seva are other names for Ekantha Seva. Ekantha Seva is the final Seva conducted for Sri Lord Venkateshwara Swamy. Sri Bhoga Srinivasa Murthi instals Swami’s silver main idol in the gold cot.

Tirumala Ekanta Seva Procedure:

First, a golden silk cot will be attached to the roof using silver chains, and a silk bed and pillow will be placed on the golden cot. And the Tarigoda Vengamamaba family members would set the Perales Harathi dish for Yakamgi and decorate the floor around the golden cot with Rangavali. They will then emerge from the temple.

After finishing the song Mutyala Harathi to the Kaliyuga God, the locks were used to close the Bangaru Vakili. And this lock is given to Jeeyar, who brings the keys and opens the temple doors in the presence of holy people the next day.

Tirumala TTD Ekanta Seva Timings Online Booking Today

Some Requirements Before Traveling to Ekantha Seva:

Before leaving, the Ekantha Seva adherents might make some preparations for Lord Venkateswara’s main idol, which is present in the Sanctum.

They can remove all garlands from Mula Virat and replace Sripada Renu (located at the chin) with the new one. And take away the golden Kavacham that was placed at the holy feet.

Ekantha Seva Timings:

  • The Ekantha Seva in Tirumala begins around 1:30 a.m.

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Ekantha Seva begins with the priest closing and bolting Bangaru Vakili with archakas keys, followed by the priest using Jeeyar and administrators keys. The priests would then place Deepams in front of Sannidhi Gola Mancham before arranging the two Akanda deepams to see Lord Venkateswara Divya Mangala Swarupam.

How to Purchase TTD Ekantha Seva Tickets:

There are no Devotes for this Seva; only priests can conduct it for the Lord. At this time, no pilgrims are permitted to enter the temple. This Seva can conduct the Bhoga Srinivasa Murthi, in the year 11 months, and Srinivasa couldn’t sleep in the Dharnurmasa month.

You can book the other arjitha sevas, but not Ekantha seva.

  1. Go to the TTD’s official website.
  2. Enter your login information in the supplied space, then click the login button.
  3. On the webpage, choose the “Seva electronic dip” option.
  4. The rules and regulations will be displayed on the screen; after carefully reading each rule, click the “I have read and agree to the instructions” button to proceed.
  5. Enter your name, age, email address, phone number, gender, picture ID number, and ID proof number. The applicant may also arrange for two more tickets for other pilgrims.
  6. On the website, there are two options: “any seva, any date” and “select seva and date.”
  7. The selection On any seva and any day will automatically give a date and seva. The pilgrim will choose their own date when selecting a Seva/date.
  8. Choose a date, and then click the (X) button to close the window. Click the continue button to proceed.
  9. All of the services selected by the applicant will be displayed on a new page. The applicant may select from a number of arjitha sevas. Though the time slot will be assigned depending on the available time, and there is only one open time slot.
  10. After selecting “Submit” on the seva page, the applicant may select a new seva by clicking “Back.”
  11. The system will produce and preserve a submission identification for future use.
  12. The lucky draw date will be announced, and pilgrims will be notified via SMS or email to their registered cellphone number or email address. 
  13. The devotee can look up dates by entering their form ID, submission ID, Aadhaar card, passport number, or cellphone number.
  14. Payments will be provided within three days if the system approves your application. To obtain the space, the devotee must pay for it.

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