Tirumala TTD Vikas Nilayam Rooms Online Booking Facilities

Know the details about the Tirumala TTD Vikas Nilayam Rooms Online Booking Facilities, Vikas Nilayam Tirumala Online Room Booking Details.

Those who make the journey to the Tirumala temple with the intention of worshipping there wished to spend at least one night there. The Tirumala Tourism Development Corporation (TTD) has constructed a large number of restrooms around the holy site in order to provide lodging for travelers. The TTD is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the rest homes, which have the capacity to host lakhs of pilgrims every single day. These rest stops have hundreds upon thousands of available rooms. Through the various booking options, TTD will make every effort to accommodate the pilgrims.

The pilgrims have two options available to them when it comes to renting lodgings in Tirumala; the first is online booking, and the second is offline booking. To begin the process of making an online reservation, pilgrims must first visit the official website of the temple and reserve one of the available rooms. When the quota for the rooms is made available online, the pilgrims will be able to reserve their accommodations online.

Tirumala TTD Vikas Nilayam Rooms Online Booking Facilities And Reservation Details

  • After arriving at the Tirumala shrine, pilgrims now have the option of making their lodging reservations offline. The CRO Office is located in Tirumala, and pilgrims should go there to make lodging reservations if any are still available.
  • In addition to the rooms that have been constructed by the TTD, there are also additional private rooms that may be rented in Tirumala. Vikas Nilayam, which is located in Tirumala, is one of them.
  • It is possible for pilgrims to make reservations for rooms at Vikas Nilayam online or by calling the hotel directly. The number for calling the Vikas Nilayam may be found on the internet and can be called by the pilgrims.
  • Pilgrims may also make reservations for rooms at the Vikas Nilayam by traveling straight to the Guest house and requesting them there. The fee for the rooms will start at Rs. 300 per day, and it will vary according to the conveniences, like air conditioning or lack thereof, that the pilgrims want.
  • The pilgrims are unable to make online reservations for the Vikas Nilayam at this time. The pilgrims may make reservations by calling in advance or going to the office in person.

Vikas Nilayam Tirumala Rooms Booking Method

  • Rooms allotted for Vikas Nilayam Tirumala Rooms The reservation process will take place at the Sri Venkateswara Guest House (SVGH) MBC 34 Allotment desk.
  • The total number of rooms is 46.
  • Room rates range from Rs. 150 to Rs.500 per day.

Room Types are One bedroom, normally equipped with two cots, and One room that can accommodate two cots (special).

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Accommodations In The Room

  • Electricity Available Around the Clock
  • 24 hours The availability of water
  • The rooms are equipped with a geyser for your convenience. Rs.500
  • Excellent ventilation

Where Is The Sri Venkateswara Guest House Allotment Counter Located?

  • From the C.R.O Office Tirumala, which is located opposite to the Tirumala Bus station, the SVGH MBC 34 Allotment counter may be reached on foot in twenty minutes.
  • The SVGH MBC 34 Room allocation Counter will be open continuously throughout the day.
  • From the SVGH MBC 34 Room allocation booth, it will take you around five minutes to get to this Guest House.
  • Accommodations policies: After check-in, guests have 24 hours to use their accommodation before being charged again.
  • The SVGH MBC 34 room allocation department has announced an additional day of availability for hotel bookings.
  • The accommodation rate will be increased by 50 percent for stays of three days or longer. This is to prevent inappropriate usage.

This is the complete details about the Tirumala TTD Vikas Nilayam Rooms Online Booking Facilities.

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