Tirupati Tholappa Garden Kalyana Mandapam Online Cost

Know The Details About The Tirupati Tholappa Garden Kalyana Mandapam online cost Tholappa Garden Kalyana Mandapam online cost Tirupati

This is the best Kalyana Mandapam in the tirupati surroundings which ever had the great following over ahead. This Kalyana Mandapam has very long great history over along time’ which means the lord venkateswara after a fight with Goddess Padmavathi when Goddess padmavathi has went far from lord venkateswara to ALIVELUMANGAPURAM which also known as (Srinivasa Mangapuram).

So many of the people were married there and when they married there they think they are marrying in the presence and in the sight of Lord venkateswara and all the people who marry there they think their life will be very happy forever with the blessings of Lord venkateswara.

Thollapa Gardens Kalyana Mandapam Cost Tirupati

 Tholappa Garden Kalyana Mandapam, Cost, Online Bookings in tirupati

Tholappa Garden IIRs.41303:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Tholappa Garden IIIRs.41303:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Tholappa Garden IVRs.41303:00 pm – 3:00 pm

The Mentioned-above Charges Can Be Revised Without Prior Intimation By Devasthanam.

Hall Capacity: 150 – 300 members.

Tirupati Tholappa Garden Kalyana Mandapam Booking

  1. These Halls are restricted to the performance of Hindu arranged weddings alone.
  2. There is the option to reserve 6 months in advance.
  3. It is not possible to cancel, postpone, or pre-postpone reservations that have already been confirmed.
  4. When reserving a marriage hall, you are required to submit evidence of identification.
  5. Both the bride and the groom are needed to provide a photocopy of their Aadhaar card.
  6. At least 18 years of age is required of the bride.
  7. Grooms need to be of legal age to marry in most countries.
  8. ID information from the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents must be provided in order to book.
  9. Because arranged marriages may only take place in this country, both sets of parents are required to be present at the ceremony.
  10. There is no option for either postponement or postponement for the Mandapam reservations.
  11. At the Mandapam, we may only legally marry one couple at a time.
  12. Charges for electricity must be paid in a separate transaction.
  13. It is necessary to make separate reservations in order to reserve a room during your stay.
  14. Temple Street is home to a number of independent hotels.
  15. The Mandapam provides guests with access to a kitchen for their use.
  16. Note that there is no pre-seating available, since the hall is now vacant. Thank you for your understanding.

Devotees Can Also Book This Tirupati Tholappa Garden Kalyana Mandapam For

  1. Marriage
  2.  Reception
  3. Engagement function
  4. Annaprasana
  5. Shastipoorthi
  6. Upanayanam/ Odugu
  7. Sathyanarayana Vratham

For other Marriage halls nearby, Please call on 8500087012

Advance booking is advisable for the marriage halls.Because booking are done very fast.

Tirupati Tholappa Garden Kalyana Mandapam Marriage Registration Procedure

  • Photos of the Bride and Groom in Passport Size, Two.
    Photos of the bride and groom’s 10th-grade report cards and Aadhar cards are required.
    Copies of both the bride’s and groom’s parents’ Aadhar Card.
  • Invitation to Wedding Receipt for Wedding Services from the Manager of Kalyana Mandapam.
    Two Wedding Portraits.
    Aadhar card photocopies and the signatures of three witnesses.

This Is The Complete Details About The Tirupati Tholappa Garden Kalyana Mandapam online cost

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