Varanasi Maa Annapurna Temple Today Timings Opening Closing

Know the details about the Varanasi Maa Annapurna Temple Today Timings Opening Closing, Shri Kasi Annapurna Temple Details, And Timings.

Annapurna Temple may be reached by continuing further a little distance from Vishwanath Temple. Annapurna is a goddess who is held in high regard in the city of Benares. This is due to the fact that, as per the directives of Vishveshwar Mahadev, she is tasked with providing sustenance to all of the city’s residents and ensuring that no one goes hungry.

The holy city of Varanasi is dedicated to the goddess Annapurna. The divine figure of Annapurna is really an incarnation of Parvati, who is Lord Shiva’s spouse. One of the statues of Goddess Annapurna is made of gold, while the other is made of brass. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple was constructed in the style of a typical Nagara temple. The brass idol is available for ‘Darshana’ on a daily basis, however, the gold idol is only accessible to devotees, worshippers, and pilgrims during the festival of Annakuta, which is held around Diwali.

Varanasi Maa Annapurna Temple Today Timings Opening Closing And Rituals

Tradition has it that when the city of Varanasi was initially settled, the goddess Annapurna realized that the responsibility of providing sustenance for so many people would be too much for her to bear. She was overcome with worry, and she had no idea what action to do next. The Goddess Ganga, also known as Mother Ganga or the Ganges, graciously came to her aid and offered the following proposition

If she would be so kind as to bestow a handful of pulse on each applicant, the Goddess Ganga would personally provide a lota (a brass jar) full of water. The reassurance that Devi Annapurna received from the idea, to which she eventually agreed, and the arrangement that was thereafter established led to the most satisfying outcomes possible. It is a widespread practice across all social strata to perform rituals in honor of the goddess Annapurna, who is revered as the personification of an unending supply of nourishment and the provider of food

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As part of these rituals, hundreds or even thousands of individuals who are economically disadvantaged get food on a daily basis. This is what it is. others who are able to do so set aside an amount of pulse, let it sit out to become wet during the night, and then distribute it in handfuls to others who are less fortunate in the morning. Each individual receives only one handful, but because he and every member of his family can each procure a handful by obtaining a supply from a number of donors, they are able, by the middle of the day, to obtain, in the aggregate, a sizeable quantity, which they then dry and cook for consumption as food.

Varanasi Maa Annapurna Temple Today Timings Opening Closing

  • Today, the Annapurna temple will be open from 4:00 AM to 11:30 AM and then again from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.
  • Today’s hours of operation for the Annapurna temple are as follows: 4:00 AM to 11:30 AM and 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.
  • The Annapurna temple will be closed tonight at 11.00 PM
  • ¬†Aarti timings of Annapurna temple Today at 4.00 am

The pilgrims make sure to follow the directions outlined above in order to visit the Annapurna temple in Varanasi. The temple will be closed for a period of time in the afternoon to accommodate the meal break, and it will not reopen until the evening. The pilgrims have made the same observation. In addition, the Annapurna temple will be doing the special pooja along with the aarti that takes place once each day at the temple. The same information is available for pilgrims to inquire about at the church.

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