VIP Rooms Online Booking Tirumala Procedure TTD Price

Know the details about the VIP Rooms Online Booking Tirumala Procedure TTD Price, VIP Rooms Online Booking Tirumala Procedure TTD Price

 The Tirumala shrine is frequented by a significant number of people on a daily basis. The vast majority of worshippers who went to the Tirumala temple intended to remain there after the Darshan in order to maintain their sense of spiritual connection with the holy site. As a direct consequence of this, the pilgrim’s book with information on available lodging may be found in Tirumala. 

In order to ensure that pilgrims have a comfortable experience during their visit, the TTD has constructed a number of rest homes and guest houses. The temple may be found in Tirumala, which is the name of the town. These Tirumala Rest Houses can be reserved either online or offline by pilgrims who are going to the holy city of Tirumala. It has been brought to our attention that pilgrims are required to make an online reservation for lodging as soon as the quota becomes available.

VIP Rooms Online Booking Tirumala Procedure TTD Price

In addition, the TTD has constructed a large number of rest homes that are reserved exclusively for VIP pilgrims. The TTD is going to be in charge of furnishing the lodgings, and they are also going to be responsible for arranging separate accommodations for the VIP pilgrims. Those individuals who make frequent trips to sacred sites are considered to be VIPs.

Making reservations for rooms can be done through the usage of this approach.

VIP break Darshan is permitted during the breaks of the conventional sorts of Darshan, such as Sarva Darshanam and Divya Darshanam. Even though the VIP break Darshan is the quickest option available for performing Darshan in Tirumala, it can still take up to one or two hours if there are a lot of people there at the same time. 

In addition, when the number of pilgrims is high during the peak season, the TTD will typically cancel the break Darshan in order to make room for a greater number of people to have Darshan.

Every morning at 5:30, there is a gathering called the VIP Break Darshan.

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The price of each ticket already includes a contribution totaling Rs. 10,000/-. (The Cost of a Darshan Ticket)

Aarti, Thirtham, and Jadari are all activities that devotees in the VIP Breakdarshan are permitted to participate in.

How Can I Make an Online Reservation for Tirumala Break darshan?

It would not be possible for pilgrims to make online reservations for rooms in Tirumala if they wish to stay in a VIP room. The only thing pilgrims are allowed to do is arrive in Tirumala, at which point they can make reservations at nearby hotels. In addition to the VIPs, those pilgrims who bring their own luggage are allowed to use the VIP rooms. In addition to references, a letter of recommendation is required. It is possible that we will take into consideration high recommendation letters due to the fact that Saturday and Sunday will be highly busy. Because they are located so close to the Sri Padmavathi Guest House, guests paying a visit to Sri Padmavathi are not permitted to stay in these rooms.

Tirumala is a Pilgrim Destination of Extremely High Importance. In order to reserve a room, pilgrims are required to report to the SPHG Area Rooms Booking office and give the information that is required.

Reservations In the event that some of the pilgrims are very important VIPs, they need to get in touch with the JEO Office well in advance in order to reserve lodging.

Those pilgrims who are thought to fit into this group will have the JEO office take care of making their travel arrangements and lodging reservations in advance of their stay. The SPGH Booking office is where other pilgrims will need to go in order to make their lodging reservations.

The following is a list of the benefits that come along with the VVIP Break Darshan:

A devotee may approach Lord Venkateshwara Swamy’s Moola Virat and stay in the area for an extended amount of time; there will be no pulling or pushing on the line, and it will be unrestrained. 

  • This type of Darshan has been allotted an hour of time.
  • A pilgrim can finish his Darshan in ten to fifteen minutes.
  • A pilgrim can finish his Darshan in ten to fifteen minutes. 
  • A devotee may approach Lord Venkateshwar

The Tirumala Temple Department (TTD) initiated the Srivani Trust online booking Linked VIP break darshan in the month of October of the previous year. Each and every devotee who contributes Rs. 10,000 to the Srivani Trust has the opportunity to buy one ticket for the VIP break darshan that is held at the Srivani Trust.

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