2023 Avani Masam Dates Start End Tamil Calendar Timings

Know the details about the 2023 Avani Masam Dates Start End Tamil Calendar Timings, 2023 Avani Masam Dates Start End Tamil Calendar Timings

What makes Aavani month different?

In the Solar calendar, it is also called Simha masam. One of the most important events in the month of Avani is Avani Avittam. On Avittam nakshatram day in the month of Aavani, Tamil Brahmins change their sacred thread (called a Yagnopaveetham or a Gayathri). “Avani Gnayiru” prayers are said on Sundays during the Avani month.

One of the months in the Tamil year is called Avani Masam. In a year, the day of Puthandu will mark the beginning of the Tamil New Year. This day is very important to the Tamil people. The Tamil calendar will also have 12 months, just like the English calendar. Then the fifth month on the 12-month calendar is Avani Masam. Each Tamil month has a name that comes from a different culture or tradition, as well as a Tamil one. The Tamil calendar’s Avani Masam is one of the most important months.

2023 Avani Masam Dates Start End Tamil Calendar Timings

Every month in the year has a beginning date and an ending date. The Tamil months will not follow the same pattern as the English months. All of these things will be on the Tamil calendar. The dates of festivals in Tamil areas will also be set by the dates of the Tamil months.

The Avani Masam is the time between the days listed above. People can use Avani Masam to find a good date for their wedding.

In the Avani Masam 2023 Dates

There are some important festivals. In the Tamil calendar, you can find the dates of the festival. The month of Avani Masam is also a very important one in temples. On Avani Masam day, the special pooja will be done at many temples.

This Avani Masam is also a sign that the rains are coming to the state of Tamilnadu. This means that the Avani Masam is a very important month for farming. The Avani Masam will mark the beginning of all farming in the state.

Families that depend on farming and the changes that happen every month will also plan to do new work during the Avani Masam.

The month of Aavani starts on August 18, 2023.

2023’s Aavani month ends on September 17, 2023.

  • 18-Aug-2023 -Friday  Velli Valarpirai Thithi Sunyam 
  • Avani 19-Aug-2023-Saturday Sani Valarpirai Thithi Sunyam Avani
  • 20-Aug-2023 Sunday Nyaayiru Valarpirai Chathurthi Avani 
  • 21-Aug-2023 Monday Thingal Valarpirai Panchami 
  • Avani 22-Aug-2023 -Tuesday Chevvai Valarpirai Shashti Avani 
  • 23-Aug-2023-Wednesday Budhan Valarpirai Saptami Avani 
  • 24-Aug-2023-Thursday Vyalan Valarpirai Ashtami 
  • Avani 25-Aug-2023-Friday Velli Valarpirai Navami Avani 
  • 26-Aug-2023-Saturday Sani Valarpirai Dasami Avani 
  • 27-Aug-2023-Sunday Nyaayiru Valarpirai Ekadasi 
  • Avani 28-Aug-2023-Monday Thingal Valarpirai Titittuvam Avani
  •  29-Aug-2023 Tuesday -Chevvai Valarpirai Chaturdashi 
  • 30-Aug-2023-Wednesday Budhan Valarpirai Pournami Avani
  • 31-Aug-2023-Thursday Vyalan Theipirai Prathamai Avani 
  • 01-Sep-2023 Friday, Velli Theipirai Dwitiya Avani 
  • 02-Sep-2023 Saturday Sani Theipirai Tritiya Avani 
  • 03-Sep-2023 Sunday  Nyaayiru Theipirai Chathurthi Avani 
  • 04-Sep-2023 Monday Thingal Theipirai Panchami
  • 05-Sep-2023 Tuesday Avani 19, Chevvai Theipirai Shashti Avani 
  • 06-Sep-2023 Wednesday Budhan Theipirai Saptami Avani –
  • 07-Sep-2023-Thursday, Vyalan Theipirai Ashtami Avani
  • 08-Sep-2023 Friday Velli Theipirai Navami Avani 
  • 09-Sep-2023 Saturday Sani Theipirai Dasami Avani 
  • 10-Sep-2023 Sunday Nyaayiru Theipirai Ekadasi Avani
  • 11-Sep-2023 Monday Thingal Theipirai Dwadashi Avani 
  • 12-Sep-2023 Tuesday Chevvai Theipirai Trayodasi Avani 
  • 13-Sep-2023 Wednesday, Budhan Theipirai Chaturdashi Avani 
  • 14-Sep-2023 Thursday Vyalan Theipirai Amavasai Avani 
  • 15-Sep-2023 Friday, Velli Valarpirai Prathamai Avani 
  • 16-Sep-2023 Saturday Sani Valarpirai Dwitiya Avani 
  • 17-Sep-2023 Sunday

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What is the total number of days in the month of Aavani?

In the traditional Tamil calendar that is used in Tamil Nadu, the month of Avani Masam, also known as Aavani month, comes fifth. The Avani Masam begins on the 17th of August and continues until the 17th of September (31 days).

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