Navratri Puja Samagri List Durga Devi Dasara Pooja At Home

Know the latest details about Navratri Puja Samagri List for Durga Devi Dasara Pooja At Home, Navratri Puja Samagri List Durga Devi Dasara Pooja

Several steps are conducted during Navratri to worship Maa Durga, and the first one is the construction of the Kalash. We’ll tell you what supplies you’ll need to erect the Kalash now. Use the mother’s favourite red chair for worship, and the red fabric that is placed on the wooden pillar should match. Bring an earthen pot with the Maa Bhagwati idol as well. Bring a crimson chunari and a floral garland to dress the mother in. Bring five full betel nuts, five betel leaves, vermilion, saffron, camphor, incense, lamp, all the honey products, and mango leaves for the mother’s benefit. 

Bring bales of ground turmeric, roli, moli, wooden posts, lotus garlands, etc. Bring chocolates, flowers, and fruit as well. stuff for a hanukkah candle, betel leaves, cloves, cardamom, milk, curd, and yellow mustard Gather items such as Gangjal, etc. Bring ghee, panchmeva, frankincense, camphor, guggal, and asht as well. Bring Navagraha wood as well for Navagraha worship. Take a coin to place in the urn as well as Saptmrita and Saptadhan in addition to this. For the Jubilee sitting, bring it. Do not remove the saptamrika from the Kalash.

Navratri Puja Samagri List Durga Devi Dasara Pooja At Home

Adorn the mother’s post in this manner:

  • To start, decide the way to adorn Mata ki Chowki. The north-east corner, also known as the north-east corner, is thought to be the most auspicious direction. 
  • After using Gangajal to cleanse the area, erect a wooden pillar and cover it with crimson fabric. 
  • Place the Maa Durga statue on a red piece of fabric. Place a Kalash and a mound of rice to the left of the idol. 
  • Give the mother a crimson chunri and a flower necklace to decorate her. Start the pooja after that and give the mother food, flowers, and sweets.

Navratri Puja Samagri List Durga Devi Dasara Pooja At Home:

A day before Navratri, bring all of the supplies needed for the puja. Contents consist of:

  • Images or images of Maa Durga
  • Book of Durga Saptashati
  • a mango tree leaves
  • chunri red
  • Kalaw
  • red fabric
  • Gangajal
  • Kalash
  • Sandalwood
  • Coconut
  • Karpoor
  • clay jug
  • Sesame or ghee oil
  • barley grains

Navratri Puja At Home:

  • Cleaning the place of worship is a Navratri Puja Vidhi method.
  • On the altar, place the Goddess Durga goddess or image on a scarlet cloth.
  • Give it a red chunri makeover.
  • Light a continuous flame in front of the Maa Durga idol.
  • Put some mango leaves in the Gangajal and fill the Kalash with it.
  • Over the Kalash, encircle the coconut in a scarlet fabric and secure it with a moli. Keep the Kalash close to the statue.
  • Now fill a clay pot with soil and plant barley seeds inside of it. Put it in the area where you worship.
  • Ring the bell, blow the conch shell, recite Om Lakshya Hreem Klein Chamundye Viche, and offer your sacrifice.
  • Read Durga Saptashati’s introduction.
  • Worship in the same manner each day during Navratri.
  • You should always maintain your Akhand Jyot lit, if you have one. Ghee should be periodically added to ensure that it burns. Additionally, there should always be someone nearby the Akhand Jyot. 
  • Someone from your family needs to be present near the flame at all times during Navratri. The practice of fasting during this event has additional particular meaning.

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