2023 Jyeshta Masam Telugu Calendar Start End Dates Tithi

Know the details about the 2023 Jyeshta Masam Telugu Calendar Start End Dates Tithi, Jyestha Masam Tithi Start & End Dates In Telugu 2023.

Meaning Behind The Name Jyeshtha Maasam

Lord Vishnu deserves the title “Jyeshta,” which may be translated as “elderly,” “most ancient,” “senior-most,” “supreme,” “eldest of all beings,” “first and foremost,” and similar descriptors Lord Vishnu is referred to as Jyeshtah Sreshtah Prajaapatih in sloka number 8 of the Sri Vishnu Sahasra Naama Stothram. This is one of his many titles. Chaturmukha Brahma, also known as Lord Vishnu, was born from the highest Brahma that is Lord Vishnu. As a result of this, Lord Vishnu is also known by the name Prajaapathih. He is the finest (Sreshtah) among the best among others. The Maasa Niyaamaka of Jyeshta Maasai, also known as the ruling Lord, is Lord Vishnu in the form of Trivikrama. It is a fairly common moniker for Lord Vishnu, and we can find references to it in prayers and epics that are tied to Vishnu. The word “Trivikramah” literally translates to “one who has conquered the three worlds.” In the story of Sri Vaamana avathara, Lord Sri Vishnu took on the cosmic form of Trivikrama Roopa so that he might subdue the pride of King Bali. He then proceeded to measure the three worlds, which correspond to the whole of the universe, with his three steps.

2023 Jyeshta Masam Telugu Calendar Start End Dates Tithi And Mythology Facts

  • In the worship of Sri Ganesha, Lord Maha Ganapathi is called Jyeshtaraajam, the elder Lord. This is a reference to the classic Vedic sloka Ganaanaam Twaam Ganapathi Gam Havaamahey… In Sri Sooktham, sloka number 8 is referred to as Jyeshtaam-alakshmeem. This sloka describes Jyeshta as the one who is senior to Goddess Lakshmi Devi, who was born before her, and who is directly opposite to her.
  • The Jyeshta Mahaina is a temple that is devoted to Lord Brahma, who is considered to be the creator of the universe in Hinduism. While Kartik mahina is Lord Shiva’s preferred month, Vaishakh mahina is the most auspicious month for doing Vishnu Puja.
  • The Jyeshta maas practice known as Brahma Puja is the one with the greatest positive effects. Some devotees would also give those in need a water pot that they have donated to the Brahmins. The first ten days of the Shukla Paksha of the Jyeshta maas, also known as the Jyeshta maas from Jyeshta Shukla Padyami to Jyeshta Shukla On this day, Dashami, it is of the utmost importance to reciting the Ganga Snan. By reciting Ganga Dasapapa hara stuthi, some Besides doing so in the Ganges, people also bathe in other sacred waterways.

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Dates for the Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha of the Jyeshta Masam 2023:

  1. Here is the 2023 Jyeshta Masam Telugu calendar. From May 20th to June 4th, the moon will be in the Shukla Paksha phase, often known as the waxing phase.
  2. The Jyeshta Masa 2023 Telugu calendar. On June 5 and continuing through June 7 and June 18, 2023, the Moon will be in its waning phase, often known as the Krishna Paksha.

2023 Jyeshta Masam Telugu Calendar Start End Dates Tithi And Jyeshta Pournima Dates:

  • Jyeshta Purnima sometimes referred to as the Full Moon Day, is scheduled to occur on June 4, 2023.
  • The Purnima is scheduled to begin on June 3 at 11:17 AM and will continue till June 4 at 9:12 AM.
  • This year, the fasting period known as the Purnima Vrat begins on June 3rd.
  • Vat Purnima Vrat on June 3.

Jyeshta Amavasya Dates:

Amavasya, commonly referred to as “No Moon Day,” falls on June 18th, which is the 18th day of the Telugu month known as Jyeshtha.

The Amavasi begins on June 17 at 9:12 AM and lasts till June 18 at 10:07 AM.

Jyeshta Masam Important Festivals:

  • Ganga Dashara commences – on May 20
  • Rambha Vrat – May 22
  • Aranya Sashti – May 25
  • Vindhyavasini Puja – May 25

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