Chennakesava Temple Karnataka Architecture History Timings

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Located 38 km from Hassan, on the banks of the Yagachi River lies the world-famous tourist resort of Belur. Formerly known as Velapur, Velur, and Belahur, Belur was the Hoysalas’ first capital. The Chennakeshava temple in this city is considered to be among the best specimens of Hoysala architecture and design.

In 1116 A.D., after the Hoysalas had triumphed against the Cholas, its legendary monarch, Vishnuvardhana, dedicated a temple to the god Narayana, which he named the Vijaya Narayana, in honor of their achievements. The Hoysalas favored building with soft soapstone because it enabled them to carve more intricate designs onto their structures.

Chennakesava Temple Karnataka Architecture History Timings

The Prakara and Gopura on top of the temple’s Jagati, which are designed in the manner of Vijayanagar, give the impression that the Jagati is a large casket, while the temple itself is built on top of a platform. The amount of skill and attention to detail that went into creating this piece of art is incredible.The masonry at the Chennakesava temple is both beautiful and well-crafted. Inside the temple, visitors may see more than eighty sculptures dedicated to Madanika. The subjects of these Madanika are engaged in a wide range of activities, from hunting and dancing to just lounging under tree canopies. Unique to the Hoysala tradition are the four Madanika figurines that adorn the intricately carved columns of the Navaranga. These figures adopt beautiful dancing poses.

The star-shaped Garbhagriha features zigzag walls that make the 24 depictions of Vishnu’s incarnations seem extremely different from one another at different times of the day. The temple was built by the father-and-son team of master craftsmen Dasoja and Chavana from Balliganve, a major Kalyana Chalukya art center in the Shimoga region. The Darpana Sundari is one of the statues in the Vavaranga, and it is said that the accomplished queen of King Vishnuvardhana, Shantaladevi, served as the basis for the statue. This one work of art demonstrates the majestic temple’s worth as a work of art. Kappe Chennigaraya, Soumyanayaki, and Andal temples, as well as other Vaishnava expressions, surround this central temple. Additionally, a samadhi in Belur is widely accepted to be the final resting place of the celebrated 13th-century Kannada poet Raghavanka.

Chennakesava Temple Karnataka Architecture History Timings

The walled Chennakeshava complex in Belur, which spans 443.5 by 396 feet, is home to a variety of Hindu temples as well as smaller shrines spread around its grounds. Repairs made during the Vijayanagar period included the construction of a Gopuram, which paves the way for entry into the complex from the east. You will be able to view the following temples and sites if you go within the grounds that are protected by the fortifications:

The Kesava temple, also known as the Chennakeshava temple, is the most important of the temples. It is situated in the middle of the building, just opposite the gopuram that is located to the east. Its present measurements are 178 feet by 156 feet, which take into account any subsequent extensions that may have been made. The temple is perched on a wide terrace platform known as a jagati, which is just a few feet in height. The devotion at this temple is centred on Kesava, one of the incarnations of the god Vishnu.

The Kappe Chennigaraya Temple can be found to the south of the Kesava Temple. It has dimensions of 124 feet by 105 feet. There are two distinct sanctums inside: one for Venugopala and one for Chennigaraya (local popular name of Chennakeshava, Vishnu). According to legend, a frog, also known as a Kappe, was once found in the crypt of the temple; hence, it was given the name Kappe Chennigaraya. It is widely held that the queen built both the bigger temple and this smaller temple at the same time, and that both were done simultaneously.
A picture of a man and a woman standing in the namaste pose next to one another on a block of stone. The monument has suffered some kind of harm.

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  • Distance from the airport to SriRangapatna Temple: 33.7 kilometres.

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