Tirupati Special Darshan Tickets Online Booking Price Rules

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The Hindu god Vishnu supposedly abandoned his heavenly kingdom of Vaikuntha for the city of Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh. Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, devoted to Vishnu, is located in the neighboring Tirumala hills, and the two are almost interchangeable.

The shrine at Tirumala is located on Venkatachala, the seventh and highest summit. Situated at the base of the Tirumala Hills, Tirupati is a holy place for Hindus. Tirumala’s seven summits represent the seven heads of the serpent Adisesha, under whose hoods Vishnu is said to dwell. It is not unexpected that the temple is one of the wealthiest pilgrimage places in India given that both the Vedas and the Upanishads extol the virtues of a visit there.

Tirupati Special Darshan Tickets Online Booking Price Rules

  1. Visitors over the age of 12 need to purchase a Tirumala Darshan ticket.
  2. Children above the age of nine should have some form of photo identification at all times.
  3. The Rs.300 darshan ticket is only available to those who dress traditionally.
  4. Tickets designated “Special Darshan” allow for more leeway in reporting times.
  5. Sheegra Darshan access at the ATC Car parking may be granted to devotees who arrive between 30 and 120 minutes late.
  6. For those having Sheegra Darshan tickets, there is no option for early check-in.
  7. Following their Balaji Darshan, devotees are entitled to one free miniature laddu from the Laddu counter.
  8. Men must wear either a white dhoti, a shirt, a kurta, or pajamas.
  9. Ladies must wear a sari or salwar kameez (With Pallu Compulsory).
  10. T-shirts, jeans, and other such items are not permitted at any time for any age range of pilgrims.
  11. Anyone over nine must adhere to the dress code of a white dhoti and a shirt or a kurta and pajama bottoms.
  12. The devotee can still receive Darshan even if there are minor typos in their age, gender, or name.
  13. At the time of entry, a rigorous check of all photo identification will be performed, making it impossible to substitute a fake ID.
  14. All worshippers must show proper identification at all times.
  15. In Tirumala, plastics are strictly forbidden. Glass, copper, or steel water bottles are recommended for transport.
  16. There is no problem with feeding a baby during Darshan.
  17. During Darshan, you are prohibited from using any electronic devices, including mobile phones, cameras, etc.
  18. The Darshan line entry is where you’ll find the Mobile Deposit counters.
  19. The darshan line entrance also features a shoe collection counter.
  20. Shoes are not permitted in the streets of Thiru Mada (Streets around the main temple).
  21. Laddus, which the devotee can buy in any quantity for Rs.50 apiece, are available at the Laddu counter.
  22. Due to strict cell phone bans, visitors must bring a printed copy of their special Darshan ticket.
  23. All bags, whether checked in advance or carried in, will be subject to a security inspection upon entry.

Tirupati Special Darshan Opening Dates Estimated

Month Opening DateOpening Time
12thJan to 31Jan 202309- Jan10.00 am
1stFeb to 20Feb 202309- Jan10.00 am
2Mar to 31Mar13Feb – 17Feb10.00 am
1Apr to 30Apr20Mar – 24Mar10.00 am
1May to 31May 202317Apr – 21Apr10.00 am
1June to 30Jun 202322May – 26May10.00 am
1July to 31Jul19Jun – 23Jun10.00 am
1Augt to 31Aug 202317Jul to 21Jul10.00 am
1Sept to 30Sep 202317Aug to 22Aug10.00 am
1Octo to 31Oct 202318Sept to 22Sep10.00 am
1Nove to 30Nov 202318Oct to 23Oct10.00 am
1Dec to 31Dec16Nov To 21Nov10.00 am

Booking Tickets At Tirupati Special Darshan at the Counter

  • Darshan tickets priced at Rs. 300 are not available for purchase at any offline counters in Tirupati or Tirumala.
  • Tickets for the Special Darshan can now be reserved only through the online booking system.
  • One cellphone number allows for the purchase of up to six tickets.
  • Details from an Aadhar card, a voter identification card, or a passport can be used to order Darshan tickets.
  • During the process of purchasing a Darshan ticket online, additional laddus can be purchased.

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