Srirangapatna Temple History Darshan Timings Online Booking

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Here, Sri Ranganatha Swami is said to have fulfilled the desires of River Cauvery, according to the tales. The first item on the wish list said that she should be praised to the same extent as the river Ganga. The second item stated that the location should be turned into a sacred temple, and the third item stated that worshippers should have their wishes realized.

The Puranas make reference to the fact that the Ganga mingles with the Cauvery once per year in order to regain her pristine status. Sage Gautama, who according to the tales was living on the banks of the river Godavari with his students at the time, was the target of a scheme organized against him by other sages from a region that was experiencing drought to force him to leave.

Srirangapatna Temple History Darshan Timings Online Booking

  1. By combining their abilities, they were able to produce a cow. The disciples of the wise man Gautama drove the cow out from the paddy fields, where it eventually collapsed at the feet of the wise man and died. Almost away, the wise men who had been waiting for this time began to make a racket, claiming that Gautam Rishi was responsible for the slaughter of the cow. Gautama, using his divine abilities, became aware of what had occurred, condemned the sages who were attempting to play their games, and then set off on a journey known as the Theerthayatra. After his travels to a number of different locations, he finally arrived in Srirangam to worship.
  2. The Lord revealed himself to him and instructed him to worship in Adhi Ranga, the same place as Vibhishana had done so. Sage Gautama finally made it to Srirangapatnam after a very long journey, and he proceeded to conduct a Yajna there. Lord Vishnu made an appearance in front of him and explained his location to him.
  3. Sages followed the directions and arrived at the anthill in the Tulasi garden. Due to the fact that it was so enormous and they were unable to retrieve the idol, everyone pleaded with Kamadhenu to remove the anthill. The anthill was destroyed by Kamadhenu’s milk, which dissolved it. The idol was rescued from the anthill during the month of Chitrai, which began on April 15 and ended on May 15, on the Sukla Paksham day of Sapthami Thithi. Nowadays, this day is commemorated and celebrated as Sriranga Jayanthi.

Srirangapatna Temple History Darshan Timings Online Booking

Tirumalaraya, a leader of the Ganga people, is credited with constructing this temple in the 9th century AD. Around the year 849 AD, the massive temple tower was constructed. Even Pandya rulers were involved in the building of the temple in some capacity. This temple was supported in a significant way by the monarchs of Hoysala and Vijayanagara, as well as the Wodeyars of Mysore and Hyder Ali. Temple was expanded in the year 1454 A.D. by Thimmana, who at the time was serving as the viceroy for the Vijayanagara empire. Hoysala King Vishnu Vardhan asked Sri Ramanujacharya to reside in Srirangapatnam. Thondanur, which is located 20 kilometers away from Srirangapatnam, was where Sri Ramanujam made his home.

Srirangapatna Temple History Darshan Timings Online Booking

Morning Hours: 6:00 am – 1:00 pm

Evening Hours: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Note: Devotees Can Make Darshan In This Working Times Only

Srirangapatna Temple History Darshan Timings Online Booking

Mysore is the location of the Srirangapatna Temple, which is devoted to the deity Sri Ranganatha Swami. On an Adi Sesha with seven hoods, the deity Lord Sri Ranganatha is positioned in the reclining pose.

How To Srirangapatnam Temple?

  • While traveling by plane, the closest airport is in Bangalore, which is about 168 kilometers away.
    By Train
  • Mysore is about 20 kilometers away from Srirangapatnam. Mysore has excellent transport links to the southern regions of India.
    Via Road You may take a direct bus to Mysore from all of the main cities in the southern part of the country.

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