Trimbakeshwar Pitra Dosh Puja Dates Cost Timings Booking

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An ancient Hindu temple known as the Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple can be found in the town of Trimbak, which is located in the Trimbakeshwar tehsil in the Nashik District of Maharashtra, India. The temple is approximately 28 kilometers away from the city of Nashik and approximately 40 kilometers from Nashik road. It is one of the twelve jyotirlingas and is devoted to the deity Shiva of the Hindu religion.

Shrimant Sardar Raosaheb Parnerkar, who was the Fadnavis of Indore State at the time, constructed the Kusavarta kunda (holy pond) on the temple grounds. This pond is the source of the Godavari River, which is the second-longest river in peninsular India. On the outside border of the kunda is a bust of Sardar Fadnavis and his wife standing together.

Trimbakeshwar Pitra Dosh Puja Dates Cost Timings Booking and Details

  • The devotee who desires to do this pooja should arrive the day before in order to prepare.
  • This Pooja will only be done on the designated days and times.
  • This Pooja will be conducted in order to eliminate the negative effects of the Pitru Dosh, Prata Dosh, Matru Dosh, Bhatru Dosh, Patni Dosh, or Matul Dosh, which translate to “Father, Mother, Brother, Carcass, Wife, and Some Staff.”
  • After making their initial offerings, devotees should begin the first day by taking a bath in the Kushavarta.
  • After then, an audience with Lord Siva took place within the temple.
  • After that, the Puja will be done at a Dharmashala, which is located at the spot where the Godavari and Ahilya rivers come together.
  • Narayan Nagbali Puja is the name given to this particular Puja.
  • It is necessary of devotees that they remain at Trimbakeshwar for the whole of these seven days.
  • The price of a Puja might differ from one Pandit to the next.
  • Trimbakeshwar Pitra Dosh Puja Benefits
  • In order to prevent unexpected deaths within the family.
  • To prevent frequent abortion in order to eliminate a financial loss.
    In order to prevent the waste of money to clear away any financial burdens associated with the marriage.
  • To reduce the number of arguments that occur inside the family.

Trimbakeshwar Pitra Dosh Puja Dates Cost Timings Booking

What exactly does “Unnatural Deaths” mean?

  • Road accident
  • Fire accident
  • died from drowning in the water (the well, the lake, the river, etc.).
  • Snakebite
  • Exiting the structure by jumping out of it (Suicide)
  • Took in a toxic substance.
  • Murdered
  • Any death that occurs before reaching the age of 55
  • The death of a single boy or girl
  • Unrealized hopes and dreams

Pitru Dosha/ Pitru Shaap Effects

  • Problems in the Marriage, Including Delays or Obstacles in the Marriage
  • Not getting married until they are in their 40s, regardless of whether they are a boy or a girl
  • Frequent abortions or stillbirths
  • The pregnancy was delayed as a result.
  • Variations in romantic partnerships
  • Signs that someone in the family is using dark magic
  • Loss of capital for the company as a result of family strife
  • Concerns pertaining to one’s health, such as diabetes, cancer, or liver problems
  • Frequent medical problems experienced by family members
  • Accidents happen all the time to members of the family.
  • There are no boys in this family; they have only been blessed with girls.
  • Marriages between people of different religions or castes
  • Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol or Betting or Gambling or All of the Above
  • Born with mental retardation or a physical disability.
  • The walls were leaking water, which could be seen dripping out of the cracks.
  • There is water dripping from the pipe or the tap.
  • Frequent nightmares include the apparition of the departed individual.
  • If any of these recur regularly in your dream sea, snake, snakebite, the house being destroyed,
  • Roaming the woods, a widow carrying a baby on her shoulder, or being locked up in a police station may be a sign that you need to get professional help.
  • Pitru Shaap will be brought on for the whole household if a Snake, Cow, or Cat is slain.

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