Tiruchendur Temple History Entry Fee Timings Procedures Info

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After Lord Subramanya’s victory against Soora Padma and the Asuras at Veeramahendra, Lord Subramanya traveled to this location to worship Lord Siva. The Moolasthana is the location of the Linga that He adores and worships. According to the legend, Devayani, Lord Subramanya’s second wife, was mistreated by Valli, his first wife. Valli was Lord Subramanya’s first wife.

Lord, aware of this fact, placed a curse on Valli, causing her to be born into a humble society. When Valli pleaded with the Lord for mercy, the Lord told her that she would be born as the daughter of one Kanchana, a Deva Kannika, on the Earth in the guise of a deer, and that she would be brought by the hunters, and that in the course of time, he would come to marry her himself. This was the Lord’s response to Valli’s pleading. The Hunters were also Gandharvas by birth, having been turned into such by the curse placed on them by Hema Rishi.

Tiruchendur Temple History Entry Fee Timings Procedures Info

It is stated that Sage Narada received the Viswaroopa Darshan of Lord Subramanya. After that, he took Lord Vishnu and His disciples from Vaikuntha to this site to worship the Viswaroopa there. Penance was offered by Lord Brahma at this location on behalf of the Lord in order for the Lord to regain his fifth. Here, Indra offered adoration to Lord Subramanya, and in doing so, he was cleansed of his sins.

Kumaraguruparar’s parents took him to this temple when he was five years old in order to pray to Lord Muruga for the ability to speak. Kumaraguruparar had been born unable to speak. The child’s voice, which became legendary for its rendition of the Kandar Kali Venba, was a gift from God. A Vaishnavite named Pahazhi Koothar, who lived in the village of Sanyasi close to Ramnad and was afflicted with severe and persistent stomach pain, asked for help.

After offering adoration to the Lord in this location, he found relief from the discomfort. Afterward, he paid tribute to Lord Subramanya by composing “Tiruchendur Pillai Tamil” in the language of Tamil. In the year 1648 A.D., a group of Dutch merchants stole the Idol of the Lord and attempted to melt it down, mistaking it for gold since they believed it to be made of precious metal. The terrified traders hurled the idol into the water as the hurricane was moving in their direction.

Tiruchendur Temple History Entry Fee Timings Procedures Info

  • Time: 5:10 AM Subrapadam, Thirupalli Eluchi
  • Around 5:50 a.m., at the time known as Viswaroopam Darshan
  • It is 5:45 AM, Dwajasthamba Namaskaram.
  • Udaya Marthanda Abishegam, June 15th, 6:15
  • 7:00 AM Udaya Marthanda Deeparadhanai
  • Beginning at 8:00 AM and lasting till 8:30 AM, we perform the Kalasandhi Pooja.
  • Daily Kalasha Pooja at 10 a.m.
  • Time: 10:30 AM Uchikala Abishegam
  • 12 Noon, Uchikala Deeparadhanai
  • Pooja Sayaratchai – 5:00
  • It’s Arthasama Abishegam, which means it’s 7:15 p.m.
  • Around 8:15, there will be a ceremony known as Arthasama Pooja.
  • Time: 8:30 PM for Ekanda Seva
  • Time: 8:45 p.m. Ragasia Deeparadhanai, Palliarai Pooja
  • Time of the Nadai Thirukappiduthal: 09:30

Entry Fee Details

Special Darshan tickets are available with the temple for the prices of 100.00 and 250.00, and they guarantee that you will have the darshan in less than 30 minutes.


  • Via Plane: The temple is located 39 kilometers from the nearest airport, which is situated in Tutticorn.
    The distance between the airport and the temple is 172 kilometers.
  • Via Rail: Thiruchendur is a destination that is easily accessible and can be reached by Bus as well.
  • Via Road: While traveling by road, Tiruchendur is quite accessible from Tuticorin.

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