Hyderabad Srikalahasthi Tour Package Online Booking Contact

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Heaven on earth can be found in the Chittoor neighborhood in the Andhra Pradesh region of India in the town of Srikalahasti. It is a territory that is part of the Tirupati income division and serves as the mandal central command for the Srikalahasti mandal. On the banks of the River Swarnamukhi is where you’ll find the town that’s part of the Tirupati Urban Development Authority. One of the most important and well-preserved ancient Shiva sanctuaries in Southern India is the Srikalahasti Temple.

Hyderabad Srikalahasthi Tour Package Online Booking Contact

One of the most magnificent Siva temples in India is the Kalahasteeswara temple. The gopuram that towers over the temple’s main entrance is almost a century old and over twelve stories high. The entire temple was hewn from the side of a massive stone hill. The Pallava rulers of the 5th century built the original version of this temple. The temple’s current main construction dates back to the 10th century when it was remodeled by the Chola monarchs. It was during the reign of Sri Veera Narasimharayar, king of the Vijayanagara Empire, that the city’s outer walls and four gopurams were built. The Vijayanagara king Krishna deva Raya built the main gopuram and the 100-pillar mandapam in 1516.

Sri Kalahari is one of the five holy sites in India known as Pancha Bhoota Sthalams, along with Tiruvannamalai, Thiruvanaikaval, Chidambaram, and Kanchipuram, all of which are associated with the Hindu god Shiva. It is symbolic of the Vayu Sthalam, or Air Element. Two of the nine planets used in Indian astrology, Rahu and Ketu, have connections to this temple. Those with Rahu in unfavorable locations in their birth charts are advised to visit this shrine in the hopes of finding some solace.

Hyderabad Srikalahasthi Tour Package Online Booking Contact

Many temples, both large and little, were built in this town, the vast majority of them during the reign of the Pallava, Chola, and Vijayanagara kings. One of the greatest worshippers of Lord Shiva, Bhakta Kannappa is linked to Srikalahasti since he sacrificed his eyeballs to the deity. In the months of February and March, devotees celebrate the festival of Maha Shivaratri.

Kalahasti’s closest airport is Renigunta, which is 26 kilometers away and which receives direct flights from Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. Trains departing from Kalahasti Station stop at many major cities, including Hyderabad, Kakinada, Machilipatnam, Vizag, Bangalore, Karimnagar, Patna, Cochin, Puri, and Bilaspur. To get to other nearby cities like Tirupati, Chennai, Vizag, Bangalore, Vijayawada, and Hyderabad, you can take a bus from Srikalahasti.

Tour Package By Flight

Hyderabad Srikalahasti Package Tour cost Through Flight
VehiclesNo.of PersonsPackage Cost Per  person
Spicejet – Spicejet      2  8200
Spiecjet –  Spicejet      3  7900
Spicejet – Spicejet      4  7500
Indigo –  Spicejet      2  8200
Indigo –  Spicejet      3  7999
Indigo – Spicejet      4  7600
AirIndia  –  Spicejet      2  8300
AirIndia –  Spicejet      3  8000
AirIndia – Spicejet      4

All above charges alter with flight charges. It is recommended to make reservations at least 45 days in advance to receive the best prices.

Hyderabad Srikalahasti Package Trip Inclusions

  • Cost of Flights Going There and Back
  • Charges for parking
  • Driver fees and Ac Taxi fees and costs
  • Accommodations with air conditioning, are available on a twin/triple sharing basis.

Attractions Near Srikalahasti

Temple of Srikalahasti

Srikalahasti Temple is a frequent destination for worshippers on their route to or from the more famous Tirupati Temple, which is located only 36 kilometers away from Chittoor. In 1516, Krishnadevraya, monarch of the Vijayanagara empire, built a temple for the Hindu god Shiva.

Waterfall of Veyilingala in Kona

The Veyilingala Kona Waterfalls are a popular destination for both locals and tourists, and its name literally translates to “the valley of the thousand lingams.”Taking a plunge in the clear water here is considered to bring salvation and has healing abilities that can treat skin conditions. These waterfalls, located in one of Srikalahasti’s most scenic areas, are not to be missed.

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