Tirumala Special Darshan Online Bookings Entry Costs Details

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According to the Srimad-Bhagavatam, the history of Tirumala states that during the Satya yuga, the exploitative acts of Hiranyaksha during the Satya yuga caused a circumstance in which the earth was submerged to the bottom of the Garbhodaka ocean. This occurred during the Satya yuga.

When this occurred, the gods of the underworld went to Lord Brahma, who then pleaded with Lord Vishnu. After this, Sri Varahadev, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, emerged from the nostrils of Brahma. He put an end to Hiryanaksha’s life and then used his tusks to pick up the world, which he called Bhudevi, and place her in a secure location on top of the Garbhodaka ocean.

Tirumala Special Darshan Online Bookings Entry Costs Details

The price of each ticket is three hundred rupees. Prasadam/ Bahumanam: No Laddus will be distributed. Males are required to dress in the following attire: a white pancha, a dhoti or kurta, and pajamas. Sarees with blouses, Punjabi dresses with dupattas, Chudidhars with dupattas, and half sarees are the required attire for women. Youngsters who are close to nine years old are required to dress in traditional attire.

Tickets are not required for children less than 12 years old. When accompanied by an adult, children are permitted free admittance. Bringing photo identification evidence and the child’s school identification card is highly recommended. Laddus are available for purchase at the Laddu Counter for everyone. It is not required to have Darshan in order to purchase Laddus. Whether bought straight at the counter or when pre-booked, the price of one laddu is Rs. 50.

Tirumala Special Darshan Online Bookings Entry Costs Details

  • The adherent is required to provide the ticket printout when they register at the ATC Automobile parking area.
  • At the moment of entrance, either the original or a photocopy of your photo identification must be shown.
  • Due to the fact that the Darshan slot has already been reserved, early reporting may not be feasible.
  • The dress code is strict, and all attendees’ attire will be scrutinized before being allowed access.
  • At the point of entrance, you can leave items such as footwear, mobile phones, and electronic devices.
  • After Darshan, you will be able to retrieve the things you put at PAC IV.
  • When the devotees’ tickets have been checked, they are granted permission to sit in the compartments for around one to two hours.
  • When the compartment gates have been opened, the Darshan line will be united with the other Darshan lines that are currently operational.
  • Before entering Ananda Nilayam, pick the first line, which is the line to the right of the entrance, if you want your darshan to be a little bit closer.
  • It is important to note that the Maha Laghu Darshan will occur on all days.
  • Only statues of Jaya Vijaya will be acceptable for darshan.

Special Darshan Timings

DayExpected Darshan Duration
Monday1 hour 45 mins to 2 hours 30 mins
Tuesday1 hour 30 mins to 2 hours
Wednesday1 hour 30 mins to 2 hours
Thursday1 hour 45 mins to 2 hours 15 mins
Friday2 hours 15 mins to 2 hours 45 mins
Saturday2 hours 30 mins to 3 hours 15 mins
Sunday2 hours 30 mins to 3 hours 15 mins

Special Darshan Details

Is it possible to purchase tickets for 300 rupees directly at Tirumala or Tirupati?

In the past, there was a counter at Srinivasa Complex that was open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm every day. This counter was responsible for the distribution of 5000 tickets on a daily basis. Nevertheless, in observance of holidays and other special festivals, this counter will be closed. As a precautionary measure in accordance with COVID guidelines, the counter is being kept locked.

Is it possible to report late for tickets purchased for the Special Entrance Darshan?

According to the devotees, it is possible to arrive late for Darshan as long as you have a valid ticket for the event but must do it on the same day.

Can I switch out any of the people on my list for the Rs. 300 Darshan Ticket?

Transferring Darshan or Seva tickets is not permitted under any circumstances. Those who are still present may do the Darshan even if the individual in question is not traveling.

Would they still let you in even if there’s a mistake on your Darshan ticket?

Yes, it is possible to forgive little errors, such as a misspelled name, an incorrect gender option, or a slight mistake in the ID proof number.

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