Tiruvannamalai Karthigai Deepam Darshan Online Booking Today

Know the latest details about Tiruvannamalai Karthigai Deepam Darshan Online Booking Today, Tiruvannamalai Karthigai Deepam Darshan

On Karthikai Deepa day, the Annamalaiyar temple hosts the Karthikai Deepa Brahmotsava celebration. There are ten days of Utsavar processions, three days of boat festival, and then Chandikesuvar Utsavam. Karthigai Deepam falls on (Date) December 6, 2022 this year. This Karthigai Deepam festival lasts 10 days and is also known as the Karthigai Brahmotsavam festival.

In the Krittikai Nakshatra of Kathikai month, Shiva appeared to Tirumal and Brahman in the shape of Agni. Deepatri day is observed on this day. He would light one lamp in the Annamalaiyar shrine early that morning, then light five more lamps via it and perform puja. The lamps are then assembled and kept near Annamalaiyar. This is known as the notion of ‘one becoming many and many becoming one.’ Lord Shiva, the almighty entity, bestows countless forms, which is the core of this event.

Tiruvannamalai Karthigai Deepam Darshan Online Booking Today

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Ardhanareeswara sat at the back of the sanctum sanctorum, offering his seat to Parvati, who was conducting penance toward Shiva. An idol of the deity Arthanareeswarar Aimpon can be found in this temple. This strategy will save you if you keep thinking about Thiruannamalayan.

Around this period, in the year 1240 A.D., Jatavarma Vikrama Pandyan constructed a route leading to Girivalam.

This Kriwalabathi contains eight lingams: Indra Lingam, Agni Lingam, Yamalingam, Nriti Lingam, and Vayu Lingam. Isanya Lingam and Kubera Lingam The tombs of notable individuals such as Ramana Maharishi, Sesathri Swami, Visiri Samiyar, and others lie nearby.

Tiruvannamalai Karthigai Deepam:

The moolavar lights a large camphor lump in front of the sanctum sanctorum on the 10th day at 4 a.m., exhibits the Deeparathana, and lights a single lamp in it. Nandi would light five large Akal Lamps with this single Neydeepam. They will then light the lamp in five large Akal lamps in Amman Amman’s shrine. This Pharani Deepam occurs in the morning. Pharani Deepam is lit first, followed by Panchamukhadeepam. The Bharani Deepam is finally placed in the Bhairava shrine.

Dipa Parani:

In the evening of the Kartika Deepa festival, the Maha Deepam is illuminated on the Annamalai hill. The mountain stands 2,668 feet tall. The Panchamurthys awaken in the Dipa Mandapam in the evening. Following them, the deep hall is filled with Arthanareeshwarar Uvvasa Kolam, which is only presented once a year. A massive bulb is lit in front of him. On the hill, the Mahadeepam is illuminated at the same time as the Itdeepam.

Tiruvannamalai Karthigai Deepam Darshan Online Booking:

  • Tickets will be available on the websites www.arunachaleswarartemple.tnhrce.in and www.tntemple.org
  • Devotees who purchase an online ticket must provide a photocopy of the ticket as well as an identity card when they come for darshan.
  • Karthigai Tiruvannamalai Deepam is available in the temple for pilgrims. However, the Tiruvannamalai temple would be extremely crowded on this day.
  • The majority of people will be unable to see Tiruvannamalai Karthigai Deepam Darshan on this day. If the Tiruvannamalai temple Darshan is available, pilgrims can book it online.
  • Online booking is occasionally possible for pilgrims, however it is not always available. However, during the Tiruvannamalai Karthigai Deepam, the temple will be open from sunrise to night. Pilgrims can schedule their Darshan accordingly.

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