TTD Tirumala Kalyana Mandapam Marriage Registration Procedure

Know the latest news on TTD Tirumala Kalyana Mandapam and Marriage Registration Procedure ,Tirumala TTD Kalyana Mandapam Marriage Registration Procedure

Tirumala marriages:

Tirumala is famous for the prologue Nitya Kalyanam, which implies that every day is a feast day, and Lord Balaji is conducted with divine marriage with two of his principal consorts. If they married at Tirumala, many couples would feel nostalgic and pleased with it. 

In Tirumala, marriage has hitherto received no government endorsement or jurisdiction. In addition to darshan, the board allows married couples to participate in special Kalyanotsavam seva.

TTD Tirumala Kalyana Mandapam Marriage Registration Procedure

Tirumala Kalyana Mandapam Reservations:

  • Enter your login and password on the official website
  • On the menu, select the Kalyanamandapam option.
  • Next, choose your state, district, and location, followed by the kalyana mandapam you want to reserve.
  • Choose the date and usage category.
  • In the following step, upload the affidavit and fill out the bride and groom details before clicking continue.
  • Make your payment, and a confirmation email and message will be delivered to your registered number.

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In Kalyana Mandapam, the following precautions must be taken:

  • The marriage party should upload a self declaration/affidavit stating that they will follow COVID-19 protocol guidelines issued by the Government of AP from time to time when booking Kalyana Mandapam through TTD website, and should provide the same to TTD staff at the time of occupation of Kalyana Mandapam.
  • Face masks are mandatory throughout the event.
  • Hand sanitizer and hand wash dispensers, preferably with touch-free mechanisms, must be put at all entry and exit points, as well as in common areas. Additionally, ample hand soap and sanitizer will be provided in the Kalyanamandapam during the event.
  • To maintain social distance during the celebration, the wedding party should ensure that there are appropriate gaps in the seating arrangements in the marriage hall and dining hall.
  • The wedding party should eliminate the remnants of hand washes and sanitizers before leaving the Kalyanamandapam after the function.
  • The wedding party should sanitise the entire Kalyana mandapam before and after occupation.
  • Sanitation of communal areas and all points of human touch, such as door handles, is essential on a regular basis.
  • Throughout the ceremony, the wedding party should avoid assembling 05 or more guests.
  • Buffets are not permitted on the Kalyanamandapam grounds, and eating establishments must provide social distance and standards.
  • The competent Government Official, i.e. the Revenue/Panchayat/Health Departments involved, will determine the maximum number of visitors permitted.
  • On the Kalyanamandapam premises, spitting is not permitted.
  • Wine, paan, gutka, cigarettes, and other tobacco products are not permitted on the Kalyanamandapam premises.
  • Marriage parties must scrupulously follow the guidelines established from time to time by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and local authorities.
  • The wedding party must ensure that automobiles leave a specific spacing in the TTD Kalyana Mandapam grounds. Transportation must be planned with social distance in mind.
  • If any deviations from the aforementioned rules result in legal ramifications, the marriage party is held accountable.

Online Reservation for TTD Kalyana Vedika Marriage:

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Choose Kalyana vedika option from the menu shown.
  3. Update the bride and groom’s names, surnames, contact information, dates of birth, and communities, as well as submit documents supporting the Age Confirmation Certificate¬†
  4. Update the relevant address information for Parents/Guardians.
  5. Choose your wedding day and time carefully.
  6. Marriage enrolment at the Tirumala TTD portal requires at least one week of advance online booking.

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