TTD Tirumala Marriage Kalyana Vedika Online Booking Today

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Tirumala Marriage:

Marriage is a recognised religious ritual that both the bride and the husband find joyful. At the revered Tirumala temple in Andhra Pradesh, couples can get married without paying a dime. Millions of tourists visit the well-known and revered Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams in Andhra Pradesh every year. The purposes of pilgrimage are prayer, darshan, pujas, and sevas. Other events are also held at Tirumala Tirupati.

TTD Tirumala Marriage Kalyana Vedika Online Booking Today

Kalyana Vedika TTD:

Tirupati devasthanam of Tirupati The Kalyana Vedika in Tirumala is a unique wedding ritual (AP). Couples get married here, and it is solemnised. A proper receipt for the darshan is issued to them. They will show the receipt to the government registration office so they can get their marriage licence. Appointments can be made in advance, helping couples avoid issues on the big day. Couples must make reservations on the TTD website three days or 90 days in advance.

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TTD Kalyana Vedika online reservations:

  1. Go to the TTD website’s home page.
  2. The applicant must register for the first time and provide personal data. In order to complete the login procedure, the user must input their username and password.
  3. Enter your username and password that you created during the sign-up process on the homepage.
  4. The programme will open a brand-new page titled “service.”
  5. When a menu appears, pick the desired item. KALYANA VEDIKA 
  6. A new page including all of the rules and regulations will open when you choose the option. It is important to read and comprehend each directive.
  7. After reading the guidelines, the applicant must click the “I accept the aforementioned guidelines” button.
  8. Candidates must accurately complete out a form after clicking the “Continue” button in order for it to pop up.
  9. The application form specifies the ceremony’s time and date. The date must be confirmed by the bride and groom based on their schedules.
  10. Verify the data once more to make sure all required fields are filled in.
  11. Click the Continue button to continue.
  12. The fact that an appointment cannot be changed once it has been made must be remembered by applicants.
  13. A confirmation message will be sent to the registered mobile number and your email id.

Process for getting married in TTD Kalyana Vedika:

  1. The parents of the bride and groom, as well as the couple, must all be Hindus.
  2. At Kalyana Vedika Love, arranged marriages are accepted, but second marriages are not.
  3. The wedding must have parents in attendance.
  4. For document verification, it is ideal to get to Tirumala the day before.
  5. For verification, original documentation must be brought.
  6. Depending on the Muhurtham period, marriages may occur in groups.
  7. Following document verification, one room worth Rs. 50 will be offered free of charge. Upon payment and depending on availability, the second room is made accessible.
  8. For one room, a one-day extension with rent payment is available.
  9. It will take 30 to 40 minutes for the ceremony.
  10. TTD will hand out free Kankanam, Kumkum, and Pasupu.
  11. Devasthanam offers Purohit without charging anything.

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