Guruvayur Palpayasam Offering Online Booking Timings

Know the latest details about the Guruvayur Palpayasam Offering Online Booking Timings, Guruvayur Palpayasam Offering Timings

Lord Guruvayurappan is honoured at the Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple, also known as Dwarka of South India or Bhuloka Vaikunta, which is situated in Guruvayur, Kerala (Lord Vishnu). Known as Bhuloka Vaikunta, the temple. The temple is referred to be the Vaikuntha on earth (“Bhuloka”) because Lord Vishnu resides in Vaikuntam, the “home of Lord Vishnu.”

The four-armed lord idol is located in the temple. The temple adheres to rigid ceremonies and regulations. A totally divine sensation permeates the ambience of the temple. Because of the temple dedicated to Lord Guruvayurappan, Guruvayur is well-known.

Guruvayur Palpayasam Offering Online Booking Timings

Guruvayur Palpayasam Offering:

The Palpayasam can be presented as an offering in the Guruvayur temple by the pilgrims. The offerings that visitors can make at the Guruvayur temple are what make it so well-known. A list of offerings will be available at the temple. On the basis of the list, the pilgrims may present their offering. If the Palpayasam is offered at the Guruvayur temple, it will be immensely beneficial to the pilgrims and their families. For many years, the temple has been well known for its Palpayasam offering. The term “palpayasam” refers to a rice-and-milk porridge.

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Guruvayur Temple Palpayasam Timings:

  • Visitors can arrive at the temple at 09.30 AM if they like to offer the Palpayasam there. Palpayasam offerings are accepted in the temple daily from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM.
  • The Palpayasam can be cooked by the pilgrims and brought to the temple. The pilgrim can then proceed to the temple and make the Palpayasam offering payment. When the payment has been made

Guruvayur Palpayasam price:

Palpayasam is priced at Rs. 35 for 1/4 ltr and Rs. 140 for 1 ltr.

Guruvayur Palpayasam Offering Online Booking:

  • The Palpayasam can be cooked by the pilgrims and brought to the temple. Then, the pilgrims can proceed to the temple and make the Palpayasam offering payment. The pilgrims can offer the Palpayasam at the counter allocated for it once the payment has been made.
  • The pilgrims can pay at the counter if they are unable to make the Palpayasam personally. The temple will give out the ticket as soon as the pilgrims pay the Palpayasam fee at the desk. Then the temple will offer Palpayasam in the pilgrims’ honour.
  • On the temple website, visitors can also make reservations for the Palpayasam offering at the Guruvayur temple.
  • One method of offering is for pilgrims to make their own Palpayasam and present it to the temple. The second pilgrim offering the Palpayasam does so by purchasing it online or at the ticket booth, and the temple then offers the Palpayasam to the Lord in the pilgrims’ names and gotras.

Important notes for Guruvayur Palpayasam Offering:

  • Before entering the Temple, take a shower and put on clean clothes.
  • Do not bring any equipment inside the temple walls, including a mobile phone, radio, tape recorder, etc (Nalambalam). Outside the temple, there are facilities (a paid counter) to maintain them.
  • Bring your complete devotion when you enter the temple.
  • Don’t spit or smoke inside the Temple.
  • Inside the temple, avoid using or bringing items like pan masala.
  • The prasadam and theertham you received from the temple shouldn’t be thrown away. Treat them with dignity.
  • When intoxicated or having eaten meat or other non-vegetarian food, do not enter the Temple or Temple premises.
  • Be very careful with your possessions.

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