Maha Bharani 2022 Pooja Dates Tithi Muhurth Timings Procedure

Know the latest details about the Maha Bharani 2022 Pooja Dates Tithi Muhurth Timings Procedure, Maha Bharani Pooja Dates Timings Procedure

Maha Bharani 2022 Pooja:

The Shraddha ritual is a very important part of Hinduism. On this day, people pray for their ancestors’ souls so that they can be free and at peace. In the traditional Hindu calendar, Shraddha puja is done during the “Pitru Paksha” (the fortnight dedicated to ancestors) during the “Krishna Paksha” (the waning phase of the moon) in the month of Ashwini. Bharani Shraddha is a ceremony that usually takes place during the Pitru Paksha when the “Bharani” Nakshatra is in the “Aparahna Kala.” 

Maha Bharani 2022 Pooja Dates Tithi Muhurth Timings Procedure

Maha Bharani Dates:

Most likely, this Nakshatra is in charge on the “Chaturthi” (4th day) or “Panchami” (5th day) tithi, so it is called “Chauth Bharani” and “Bharani Panchami” on those days. The Shraddha ceremony for a family member who has died can be done on both the actual date of death and the Bharani asterism. This sets the dead’s souls free and gives them peace for all time. The Bharani Shraddha is usually done by Hindu devotees in Kasi (Varanasi), Gaya, and Rameshwaram.

When Bharani Nakshatra is in charge during Aparahna on Chaturthi Tithi or on Panchami Tithi, it is called Chauth Bharani or Bharani Panchami. (In some years, Tritiya Tithi could also be ruled by Bharani Nakshatra. So Bharani Shraddha has nothing to do with any Tithi.)

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Bharani Shraddha is known as Maha Bharani Shraddha. During Pitru Paksha, the star Bharani is important because Yama, the God of Death, rules it.

When you do Bharani Shraddha, you get the same benefits as when you do Gaya Shraddha. Dharmasindhu says that Bharani Nakshatra Shraddha can also be done every year. Usually, it is only done once after a person dies.

Pitru Paksha Shraddhas are called Parvan Shraddhas ( ), and the best time to do them is either Kutup Muhurat or Rohina, among other times. After that, it will be Muhurat until the end of Aparahna Kala.

Maha Bharani 2022 Pooja Dates and Timings:

  • Maha Bharani Shraddha is performed on Wednesday, September 14, 2022
  • Kutup Muhurtham – 11:52 AM to 12:41 PM
  • Time: 00 Hours 49 Minutes
  • Aparahna Kaal – 01:31 PM to 03:59 PM
  • Time: 2 hours and 28 minutes
  • Bharani Nakshatra Begins – 06:58 AM on Sep 14, 2022
  • Bharani Nakshatra Ends on September 15, 2022, at 8:05 a.m.

Maha Bharani 2022 Pooja Procedure:

  • The Bharani Nakshatra Shraddha is usually done only once after a person dies, but “Dharmasindhu” says that it can be done every year. 
  • This ritual is thought to be very lucky and important, so the person who does it must keep the ritual’s holiness. 
  • The person, especially the male head of the family, does a number of rituals and pujas to please the dead soul and set it free. 
  • Under the direction of a knowledgeable priest, “Pinda Pooja,” “Pinda Visarjana,” and “Brahmana Suvasini,” among other rituals, are done. 
  • The person doing Bharani Shraddha shouldn’t get a haircut or shave, and he should keep his senses under control. 
  • After “Tarpan,” people give Brahmins “saatvik” food, sweets, clothes, and “dakshina.”
  • Hindu mythology says that the food that Brahmins eat goes to the souls of the dead. So, this ritual is very important. 
  • On Bharani Shraddha, you must also feed the same food to crows, who are thought to be Lord Yama’s messengers. 
  • They also feed the dog and the cow. 
  • People believe that doing the Bharani Shraddha rituals regularly and with full devotion brings peace to the soul that has been set free, and that the soul then blesses their descendants with peace, safety, and wealth.

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